Verdek's EV Oasis Powers Border Security Operations with Off-Grid Charging
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Verdek’s EV Oasis Powers Border Security Operations with Off-Grid Charging

Verdek's EV Oasis Powers Border Security in Arizona Operations with Off-Grid Charging
  • Verdek partners with US CBP for efficient border security using EV Oasis charging solutions.
  • EV Oasis is a portable, sustainable charging hub compatible with various EVs.
  • Solar energy powers EV Oasis for off-grid charging.

In an innovative blend of solar energy and border protection, Verdek, a leader in renewable energy solutions, has teamed up with US Customs and Border Protection (US CBP) to assist in a fresh era of clean transportation. This partnership involves Verdek’s EV Oasis Off-Grid DC Fast Charging Solutions powering the Ford F-150 Lightning EV fleet used to patrol the southern borders of New Mexico and Arizona.


Verdek’s dedication to pushing forward eco-conscious transportation shines through its newest breakthrough, the Verdek EV Oasis. This portable charging hub, featuring dual ports, represents a big step forward in the company’s quest to encourage sustainable travel. Engineered to redefine the electric vehicle charging experience, the EV Oasis is tailored for versatility and environmental sustainability in remote or off-grid locations, harnessing the power of solar energy

“Verdek EV Oasis is a major step forward in our commitment to crafting a sustainable transportation future,” says Guy Mannino, CEO of Verdek, highlighting the company’s dedication to making clean energy accessible to all.

The EV Oasis stands out for its fast charging, ability to work with different EV models, and strong off-grid power setup. Designed for rapid deployment, it bypasses the complexities associated with traditional charging infrastructure upgrades, permitting, and civil works, providing vital accessibility to electric vehicle drivers in areas with limited grid connectivity.


“Our goal is to make clean energy accessible to everyone, everywhere,” Mannino continues, highlighting the transformative impact of the EV Oasis on the electric vehicle landscape.

Verdek’s strong commitment to sustainability shines through in the advanced technology driving the EV Oasis, making it a thoughtful option for both individuals and businesses. With electric vehicles becoming more popular, Verdek continues to lead the way in innovation, pushing for cleaner and more efficient transportation.

Verdek's EV Oasis Powers Border Security in Arizona Operations with Off-Grid Charging

The collaboration between Verdek and US CBP not only improves border security efforts but also highlights how renewable energy can transform vital infrastructure sectors. By tapping into Verdek’s know-how in sustainable energy solutions, US CBP shows its dedication to cutting down carbon emissions and nurturing a healthier planet.



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