Rivian Announces a Next-Gen Charging Network Prototype Open to All EVs
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Rivian Announces a Next-Gen Charging Network Prototype Open to All EVs

Rivian charging network station with EVs parked and charging
  • The new charging network from Rivian is taller and will have longer cords to accommodate all EV charging port locations.
  • Vehicles with NACS ports can use an adaptor, and Rivian will receive hardware updates to use the new SAE J3400 universal NACS ports.
  • Rivian plans to manufacture the next-gen charging system at its factory in Normal, Illinois.

The North American EV-charging landscape continues to change. As Tesla announced layoffs on the Supercharger team, Rivian did the opposite by sharing positive news about a new charging network that all battery-electric vehicles can use. This new DC fast charging system will support Rivian vehicles and other EVs with Combined Charging System (CCS) and North American Charging Standard (NACS) adaptors.


The current Rivian Adventure Network is gradually spreading across North America, with current DC fast charging available in adventurous locations like Salida, Colorado; Sedona, Arizona; and Truckee, California. The automaker is adding more locations for its EV charging infrastructure along busy highways, and the new chargers will assist EV drivers on their road trips. Rivian reports that its network has an up-time of 98%.

The new chargers have a taller profile and a longer cable to accommodate charging ports in a variety of vehicles. The charging system will support EVs with 400- and 800-volt charging architectures. It will have CCS connectors and support for NACS-outfitted vehicles that have a supported CCS adaptor.

Rivian is planning to update the hardware in their charging network to support the new SAE J3400 universal NACS ports. The charger will have tap-to-pay and authentication experiences for Rivian EVs and other supported EV brands. The next-gen charging prototypes are designed to make charging convenient and easy.

The Rivian Adventure Network used to be available to exclusively Rivian drivers. By opening the network to all electric vehicles, Rivian can qualify for financial benefits from the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program through the Inflation Reduction Act. The company will engineer and build the next-gen charging system at its manufacturing plant in Normal, Illinois.

The company is dedicated to supporting a carbon-free transportation system, and the company is delivering — as shown through its carbon-emissions reports. Paul Frey, Rivian Vice President of Battery, Charging, and Adventure Products, said, “By broadening access to our Rivian Adventure Network — powered by 100% renewable energy — we are supporting both of these critical goals while also encouraging more people to embark on their next adventure in an EV.”

Later this year, Rivian plans to begin retrofitting the existing Adventure Network locations with the next-gen charging stations. Some locations will have trailer-friendly chargers to accommodate vehicles with attached trailers.



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