Paired Power's EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets, Military, and Govt. Now Available on GSA & Sourcewell
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Paired Power’s EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets, Military, and Govt. Now Available on GSA & Sourcewell

Paired Power PairTree EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets Military Government Now Available on GSA and Sourcewell
  • Paired Power leads in solar EV charging with PairTree, offering quick deployment, durability, high efficiency, and microgrid independence.
  • PairTree chargers combine quick deployment, durability, high efficiency, and grid independence.
  • PairTree is listed on platforms like GSA Advantage and Sourcewell, making it easily accessible for fleets, military, and government organizations.

As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions, the integration of renewable energy into everyday infrastructure becomes increasingly crucial. This is particularly true with electric vehicle (EV) charging, where the demand for efficiency and environmental responsibility is constantly rising.

Enter the innovative world of microgrid technology, which promises to change how we charge our electric vehicles. Leading in this is PairTree, an advanced solar EV charging system created by Paired Power. It showcases how solar energy, combined with advanced battery storage, offers a reliable and sustainable alternative to conventional power methods.


Paired Power, headquartered in Campbell, California, has been paving the path in solar-powered EV charging systems. Since its inception, Paired Power has dedicated itself to enhancing microgrid EV charging. Their flagship product, PairTree, offers a reliable and maintenance-free solution that stands out from traditional EV chargers.

Paired Power PairTree EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets Military Government Now Available on GSA and Sourcewell

Tom McCalmont, cofounder and CEO of Paired Power, states, “We built PairTree to meet the energy needs of this century.” His vision highlights a commitment to providing resilient and sustainable energy solutions for various applications, from commercial fleets to remote military bases.

PairTree solar EV chargers are designed to overcome the limitations of conventional charging systems. These chargers are American-made and qualify for enhanced incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), thanks to their domestic manufacturing. Here are some features that make PairTree an exceptional choice:

  • Quick Deployment: PairTree systems can be installed in less than a day without extensive construction work, making them an ideal choice for cities and governmental organizations.
  • Enhanced Durability: Engineered to withstand extreme weather, PairTree is capable of handling wind speeds up to 130 MPH and snow loads of 40 PSF.
  • High-Efficiency Solar Panels: Equipped with bifacial solar panels, PairTree maximizes energy yield, enhancing the efficiency of solar power utilization.
  • Integrated Battery Storage: Each unit includes a robust Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), ensuring a steady and reliable power supply, even during night-time or cloudy conditions.
  • Grid Independence: Although capable of connecting to the grid for additional power, PairTree offers a primarily off-grid solution, reducing reliance on utility infrastructures and minimizing energy costs.

PairTree solar EV charging station, integrated into a microgrid, located in a parking lot with a park behind.

Each PairTree unit integrates a 4.6kW solar array with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and one or two Level 2 EV chargers, designed to efficiently charge electric vehicles. Occupying a typical parking space of 9 by 18 feet, PairTree units can be seamlessly aligned in a cascaded configuration alongside each other, enabling the expansion of charging capabilities and power output to accommodate multiple EV chargers simultaneously. This strategically designed system ensures that even areas with limited space can maximize their EV charging infrastructure, making PairTree an adaptable solution for various settings, from small parking lots to large commercial complexes.


Unlike traditional EV chargers that depend heavily on the grid and require complex permitting, PairTree provides a sustainable alternative that is both easy to install and environmentally friendly. It reduces the environmental impact of EV charging and offers a decentralized approach to power management. This microgrid solution is not only practical but also secure from cyber threats, ensuring consistent, uninterrupted service.

Paired Power PairTree EV Microgrid Solar Charger for Fleets Military Government Now Available on GSA and Sourcewell

The versatility of PairTree is showcased through its listing on platforms like GSA Advantage and Sourcewell, which facilitates easy acquisition by federal and state organizations at competitive prices. This accessibility showcases the growing recognition of solar-powered solutions in public sectors.

PairTree represents a significant advancement in microgrid technology, demonstrating how solar EV chargers can play a crucial role in the future of transportation. With its combination of solar power, battery storage, and microgrid capabilities, PairTree is not just a product but a complete energy solution.



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