LEDVANCE to Support NACS Connectors
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LEDVANCE to Support NACS Connectors

LEDVANCE charging a car
  • LEDVANCE has announced that it will incorporate NACS connector solutions into its portfolio.
  • This choice will expand its own charging footprint and offer more access to charging options.
  • The move pairs with recent innovations like the LEDVANCE PHASE EV Charger for commercial spaces.

LEDVANCE LLC, the maker of LEDVANCE® and SYLVANIA® General Lighting in the U.S. and Canada, has exciting news for EV owners. The company, which also produces PHASE EV EVSE solutions, has announced its plan to incorporate North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector solutions into its portfolio of EVSE and charging equipment. 

This addition will complement the currently offered J1772 connectors, providing drivers with even more charging options.


Why LEDVANCE Added NACS Support

LEDVANCE says that it is committed to ensuring that EV drivers have accessible, reliable, and consistent vehicle charging experiences. With automakers increasingly adopting the NACS Standard, the decision to support NACS connectors aligns with LEDVANCE’s strategy of offering flexible options for charging vehicles. 

Jonathan Lubeck, the CEO of LEDVANCE LLC, emphasized the importance of this move, stating, “Adding NACS connector support is a logical extension of the PHASE EV portfolio strategy as we continue to offer our customers flexible options to charge their vehicles now and into the future.”


Further Recent Innovations From LEDVANCE

This latest announcement about adding NACS support follows a series of innovative launches from the brand. One of these launches includes the LEDVANCE PHASE EV Charger, which serves as an ultimate solution for a wide range of markets like office and commercial spaces, parking facilities, hotels, and gas stations. 

The charger boasts advanced features like multi-station management, RFID access, and customizable charging costs, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to attract customers and grow their operations.

LEDVANCE has also introduced the LEDVANCE LINK™, a contractor-friendly, wirelessly connected lighting solution that can be used both indoors and outdoors. With its easy-to-deploy LEDVANCE LINK Bluetooth Mesh technology, this lighting solution aims to offer simplicity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for its users.

In addition, LEDVANCE tapTronic™ Field-Programmable LED Drivers have garnered recognition with their broad portfolio of 100% field-programmable drivers. These drivers, available across various wattages and model series, offer greater customization options compared to other limited or restrictive alternatives.


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