EnviroSpark Will Integrate NACS Connectors Into Its Charging Network
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EnviroSpark Will Integrate NACS Connectors Into Its Charging Network

A charging station (EnviroSpark to add NACS charging connectors)
  • EnviroSpark Energy Solutions will integrate North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors into its nationwide charging network.
  • The move to use NACS connectors aligns with Tesla, Ford, and GM’s adoption of this technology.
  • EnviroSpark already has over 7,000 plugs installed, and the brand hopes this move will spur higher EV adoption rates.

In a move that could help propel the EV charging landscape forward, EnviroSpark Energy Solutions, Inc. has announced its integration of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors into its widespread charging network. This strategic decision is driven by a surge in support from industry giants like Tesla, Ford, and General Motors (GM), all of whom are adopting the NACS connectors as the preferred standard for EV charging.

Catalyzing EV Adoption Rates

A car charging (EnviroSpark charging to add NACS connectors)

With automakers like Tesla, Ford, and GM committing to NACS connectors, the stage is set for a significant boost in EV adoption rates. This technological alignment between automakers and charging infrastructure providers like EnviroSpark may help revolutionize the EV market. 

As the transition to an EV-centric environment gains momentum, the demand for convenient and fast charging solutions is growing exponentially. The adoption of NACS connectors positions EnviroSpark to play a crucial role in meeting this demand head-on.

The integration of NACS connectors is a strategic business move for EnviroSpark. The company already has over 7,000 plus installed currently, and by using a more standard approach to charging, they’ll most likely garner a large section of the charging market with more cars able to use their chargepoints.

A Bold Move

A charging station (EnviroSpark to add NACS charging connectors)

EnviroSpark has been part of the electric mobility revolution since its founding in 2014. Aaron Luque, the Founder and CEO of EnviroSpark, expressed enthusiasm for the integration.

“In light of the recent upsurge in automakers committing to this technology, we’re thrilled to integrate this standard as an option into our own dedicated EnviroSpark Network projects,” he said. “EnviroSpark has continually served the diverse needs of EV drivers, evolving ahead of the industry to deliver a customer-friendly charging experience. These new advancements are set to catalyze the growth of EV adoption rates and sales, which will inevitably boost throughput on our network.”



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