Electrify America Reinvents The Roadside Rest Stop
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Electrify America Reinvents The Rest Stop

Electrify America - Premium EV Charging

Electrify America has a new vision for the future of charging stations, convenience stores, and rest stops that should help ease the general public’s transition to electric cars. The company hopes that this new, customer-focused design “evolution” will exceed late adopters’ expectations and help improve the hands-on charging experience for the customer.

By introducing a project it’s calling “The Charging Station of the Future, Today” (emphasis theirs), Electrify America aims to add new design and comfort elements to customer waiting areas. These include amenities like solar canopies and awnings for shade, but extend to other customer-focused services like TVs, reading lounges, and more “traditional” convenience stores at select locations. And, it kind of looks like the San Francisco concept art has a gym (?) up there on the second floor. Do you see it?


Electrify America Lounge – San Francisco


“Electrify America will be reinventing the look and feel of many of our charging stations to meet and exceed the expectations of customers moving from a gas-powered vehicle to an electric lifestyle,” said Giovanni Palazzo, company president and CEO. “These new designs will help elevate the charging experience for our customers, building on the foundation of our ultra-fast and reliable coast-to-coast network.”

The company plans to showcase this transition in select new flagship charging facilities in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, San Diego, and Beverly Hills – as well as New York (in Manhattan and Brooklyn). Currently, Electrify America has flagship charging stations located in Baker, California and Santa Clara, California. You can see more renders of the proposed “flagship facilities” in their full “vision” deck, which you can check out for yourself, below.


Electrify America Lookbook


“The momentum moving us closer to an electric transportation system is accelerating with consumers finding more and more choices of EVs from virtually every manufacturer,” Palazzo said.  “Our customer research shows the need to transition to a more inviting charging experience that accommodates the human experience with waiting areas and other conveniences.”

What do you guys think – will more upscale convenience stores make electric road trips seem more doable to the late adopters, or will they keep coming up with reasons to hang on to their gas cars a little bit longer? Scroll on down to the comments and let us know!



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