ABB Chargers Get ENERGY STAR Certification
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ABB Chargers Get ENERGY STAR Certification

  • ABB E-mobility has earned ENERGY STAR certification for its DC fast chargers, and they also comply with Buy America Act rules set by the Federal Highway Administration.
  • The Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 chargers range from 20 kW up to 180 kW.
  • ENERGY STAR certified EV chargers use less energy than standard EV chargers, with a savings of up to $1,650 per charging station’s life cycle.

Swiss brand ABB has expanded into a lot of industries, from cybersecurity to electrification. Their sub-brand ABB E-mobility recently received ENERGY STAR certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its range of DC fast chargers. These ENERGY STAR EV chargers range from 20 kW to 180 kW, allowing for a broad range of vehicles to access these products.

What the ENERGY STAR Certification Means

The ENERGY STAR certification means that ABB E-mobility’s DC fast chargers can help consumers save energy and money. These chargers can help save up to 1.5 MWh per year in energy use, which could mean a cost savings of over $1,650 over the lifetime of the ABB charging station.

Ann Bailey, Program Manager for ENERGY STAR Products, expressed excitement about ABB E-mobility’s inclusion of the Terra DC Wallbox and Terra 184 products on the ENERGY STAR list. “As an industry leader, ABB E-mobility is providing new opportunities to advance energy efficient EV charging nationwide by increasing the availability of certified products for our partners, including states, utilities, and the federal government.”

ABB E-mobility’s ENERGY STAR EV chargers cover a wide range of charging site demands, like highway charging, shopping malls, convenience stores, school buses, auto dealerships, fleets, and commercial facilities. 

The Terra 184 is an “all in one” charger delivering up to 180 kW of power in a compact size and providing 400 A of high current. This charger allows for faster charging times for multiple vehicles. For facilities that might face load challenges, there’s the lower-power Terra DC Wallbox, which has a rating of up to only 24 kW.

Additional Certifications for ABB E-mobility

The Terra chargers from ABB not only meet ENERGY STAR program requirements but also fulfill the National Electric Infrastructure Program (NEVI) requirements. This certification ensures that EV infrastructure site owners and operators have access to high-quality charging equipment that meets energy efficiency standards, making them suitable for a wide range of charging needs, from public spaces to fleet charging.

In addition, these DC fast chargers also comply with the Buy America Act rules set by the Federal Highway Administration. This makes them a strong choice for state and federal EV charging programs that want to prioritize domestic manufacturing and energy efficiency. These chargers support high standards for charging efficiency, minimize standby energy losses, adhere to safety regulations, and utilize the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) for network communications.

“As a long-time leader in the DC fast charging industry, ABB E-mobility believes in industry-wide standards and certifications, such as ENERGY STAR, that provide certainty and transparency to the market,” said Bob Stojanovic, Senior Vice President for ABB E-mobility in North America. “Our ongoing efforts to achieve high safety, reliability and efficiency standards illustrate our commitment to the e-mobility industry to offer high uptime, reduced operating costs, and sustainability.”


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