Sturgis Griffin III's 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance: Embracing Individuality
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Sturgis Griffin III’s 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance: Embracing Individuality

RUINED, Best Team at Electrify Showoff Austin 2023
  • Sturgis Griffin III, a retired Air Force member, found solace in customizing his 2021 Tesla Model Y after years of military life.
  • Griffin sought to create a unique vehicle reflecting his vibrant spirit and standing out in the automotive world.
  • His Model Y underwent extensive customization, including a striking color change to Inozetek Papaya Orange, intricate carbon fiber detailing, and performance upgrades.

Each vehicle tells a unique story, and Sturgis Griffin III’s journey is one of passion and self-expression. From Clearwater, Florida, Griffin’s quest to reinvent his 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance is a testament to the power of human emotion and ingenuity.


“I’ve always been drawn to the car scene,” Griffin reflects, his words tinged with nostalgia. “But military life meant constant movement, never settling in one place for too long.” His 23 years of dedicated service in the United States Air Force took him to distant lands, leaving behind a trail of memories and a longing for a sense of belonging. It was in Tampa, Florida, with the sunshine and palm trees, that Griffin found his sanctuary and acquired his canvas for transformation – a Tesla Model Y Performance.

Sturgis Griffin III's 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance in the Amazon Recharge Zone at Electrify Showoff Orlando, Team RUINED

“I wanted my Tesla to reflect my spirit,” Griffin confides. “To stand out in a sea of uniformity.” With unwavering resolve, Griffin went on a journey of customization, seeking to infuse his Tesla with a personality as vibrant and unique as his own. Drawing inspiration from his diverse automotive history, including a BMW 5 Series, Nissan Maxima, BMW 750il, and Audi S5, Griffin set out to create something truly exceptional.

With the helping hands of friends and the expertise of CoaterZ, a local customization shop, Griffin’s dream began to take shape. “I had the color changed to Inozetek Papaya Orange,” Griffin recalls. “Something that no one else had, which made it stand out as a UNIQUE Y.” His vision wasn’t just about making things look good, it was about making a statement, about staking his claim in the automotive world and leaving his mark.

Sturgis Griffin III's 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance wins Best Audio presented by Tint World, Best Audio and Best Team at Electrify Showoff Orlando, Team RUINED

From the Strasse V10 (21×9.5 +38, 21×10.5 +42) wheels wrapped in Michelin Z1 (255/30/21, 285/30/21) tires to the intricate carbon fiber details of the interior, Griffin’s Model Y underwent a metamorphosis unlike any other. Each modification was imbued with emotion and purpose.

The Air Lift Performance 3P System, with its quarter-inch lines and double bellow air springs, provides not just improved performance but also a sense of control and agility reminiscent of Griffin’s military training. The 4-gallon air tank, custom-wrapped with a Panasonic Battery, symbolizes resilience and preparedness. Meanwhile, the automatic frunk lift kit and dual Viair 444C compressors offered convenience and reliability, traits Griffin honed during his years of service.

Carbon Fiber reigns supreme on the Tesla Model Y Performance. From the hood to the wide body kit, they collectively exud strength and sophistication. The Adro carbon fiber front splitter and Teslux Innovations lighting adds a touch of aggressiveness, mirroring Griffin’s determination to push boundaries and break norms.


The carbon fiber details tell stories of luxury and sophistication, flowing from the steering wheel to the door panels. Every carefully made and installed part reflects Griffin’s strong desire for perfection, showing his deep love and commitment.

The Alpine Audio Carbon Fiber Series, with its new technology and sound quality, transformed Griffin’s Tesla into a mobile concert hall. As the first to market, Griffin’s Model Y becomes a symbol of innovation and progress.

Image showcasing Sturgis Griffin and his Tesla Model Y, award winner for Best SUV and Best Crew with RUINED EV at Electrify Showoff in Miami

Yet, within the triumphs, Griffin encountered his fair share of challenges along his journey. “Finding the right parts was a challenge,” Griffin admits. “But every obstacle only fueled my determination to create something truly extraordinary.”

For Griffin, customization is more than just a hobby – it’s a way of life. An expression of identity and authenticity. “Don’t rush the process,” Griffin advises. “True beauty lies in the journey, not just the destination.”

Sturgis Griffin III's 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance wins Best Audio presented by Tint World at Electrify Showoff Orlando, Team RUINED

With each award received, including Best SUV at Electrify Showoff Miami and Austin 2023, and Best Audio at Electrify Showoff Orlando 2024, his heart swells with pride. Each accolade feels like a validation of his passion and dedication towards his Model Y. Sturgis Griffin III’s 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance serves as a canvas for his dreams and aspirations. Its unique design speaks directly to the soul, encouraging us to welcome our own individuality and celebrate the diverse paths we take in life.

We thank you for your service, Sturgis.

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RUINED, Best Team at Electrify Showoff Austin 2023

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May 4-5Phoenix, AZ (new location for 2024)
May 31-June 2Long Beach, CA
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Owner: Sturgis Griffin III
Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA
Instagram: @g3unique_y
TikTok: @gsensei63
YouTube: @gsensei63
Vehicle: 2021 Tesla Model Y Performance
Horsepower: 505 hp (377 kW)
Club/Team: RUINED
Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Miami and Austin 2023 Awards: Best SUV
Electrify Showoff Driven by Yokohama Orlando 2024 Awards: Best Audio presented by Tint World and Best SUV


Wheels & TiresStrasse V10 Rims (21×9.5 +38 F / 21×10.5 +42 R), Michelin Z1 Tires (255/30/21 F / 285/30/21 R)
BrakesDon Marconi Brembo Brakes, Drilled & Slotted Rotors, Papaya Orange Calipers
Chassis & SuspensionAir Lift Performance 3P System ¼” lines, Air Lift Performance Series Struts with Double Bellow Air Springs, 4 Gallon Air Tank (Custom Wrapped – Panasonic Battery), Air Lift Manifold with Custom Unique Y Plate, Auto Frunk Lift Kit, Dual Viair 444C Compressors
ExteriorCarbon Fiber Hood, Custom Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit, Adro Carbon Fiber Front Splitter, Carbon Fiber Fog Light Covers, Carbon Fiber Side Marker Covers, Carbon Fiber Door Handle Covers, Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers, Teslux Innovations Lighting and Underglow, Teslux Front Fog Lights Sequential Turn Signals, Rear Fog Lights Sequential Turn Signals, Custom LED Door Projector Puddle Lights, Rear Eagle Eye Taillights with Sequential Turn Signals
Audio & MultimediaAlpine-USA Carbon Fiber Series (First to Market), PXE-X121-2EV – 6 CH 100W Amplifier, EV40MR-T (x2) – 40W – 160W Tweeters, EV65CF-T – (x6)- 50W – 200W 6in Speakers, EV40M-T – (x3) – 40W – 160W Mid Speakers, EV100SWY-(x1) – 100W – 500W Sub
SponsorsAlpine-USA Stereo, CoaterZ, Teslux Innovations, Adro, Inozetek, Airlift Performance, Don Marconi Brake Systems, Karbon WorkZ


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