E1 RaceBird Electric Powerboat Takes its Historic First Flight
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E1 RaceBird Electric Powerboat Takes Flight

E1 RaceBird electric race boat

The E1 electric powerboat series promises big offshore thrills and an innovative format meant to maximize the show’s visual spectacle. That’s all well and good— but the big draw is undoubtedly the RaceBird electric foil, and it’s just taken its first steps into the real world.

The E1 World Electric Powerboat Series is the brainchild of Alejandro Agag and Rodi Basso. Agag is also the founder of the Formula E and Formula Extreme electric racing series, so he has a track record. So, too, does Rodi Basso, who was Director of Motorsport at McLaren.

Electrify News Podcast host Jo Borrás sat down with Mr. Basso for an interview that was published by Electrek back in January, where they discussed the concepts and technology that helped shape the E1 Racing series, and even the RaceBird itself. It’s worth a read.

One of the questions dealt, specifically, with whether or not electric motors lent themselves to marine applications and foils, in particular. Rodi answered, “[Electric drive] benefits in a way because the amount of time needed to get the Racebird to ‘take off’ will be the minimum possible. We have bet on the dramatic visual effect of these boats taking off out of the water and that level of acceleration is only possible because of the use of electric propulsion.”

Sounds like a pretty sound endorsement of e-mobility to us! You can watch the dramatic “first flight” of the E1 RaceBird racing foil for yourself, below— but be warned: if you’re looking for a silent and serene little craft gliding gently above the surface of the water, this ain’t it! Enjoy!!


E1 RaceBird’s Historic First Flight


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