Get Ready. EV Powertrain Racing May Soon Debut in NASCAR with ABB Partnership
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Get Ready. EV Powertrain Racing May Soon Debut in NASCAR with ABB Partnership

EV Powertrain Racing May Soon Debut in NASCAR with ABB Partnership Chicago Street Race
  • NASCAR shows off an EV prototype at the Chicago Street Race, developed with Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota.
  • They’ve partnered with ABB to become the first Official Partner of NASCAR Impact.
  • This collaboration is a commitment to achieving zero-carbon operations by 2035

The new EV prototype looks more like a sporty crossover, similar to the Ford Mustang Mach-E, and is a big change from the traditional stock cars we’re used to. While it won’t replace the classic fuel-burning V8 engines just yet, this development is a key part of NASCAR’s plan to achieve zero-carbon operations by 2035.

ABB becomes the first Official Partner of NASCAR Impact, the initiative driving NASCAR’s mission to create a positive environmental impact, according to NASCAR’s announcement. Together, they’re on a mission to push the boundaries of electrification technology, from EV racing to long-haul transportation.


“ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, and we help customers globally to optimize, electrify, and decarbonize their operations,” said Ralph Donati, ABB Executive Vice President.

Electrify Expo Orlando Hankook EV Demo District Ford Mustang Mach-E blue
Ford Mustang Mach-E demo at Electrify Expo.

Developed in collaboration with NASCAR’s OEM partners, Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota, the prototype is a showcase of innovation. Built by the same NASCAR engineers responsible for the Next Gen car and the Garage 56 entry into the 24 Hours of Le Mans, this electrified stock car has been rigorously track-tested. It features three STARD UHP 6-Phase motors (one at the front and two at the rear) powering all four specially designed Goodyear Racing Eagle tires.

EV Powertrain Racing May Soon Debut in NASCAR with ABB Partnership Chicago Street Race

It features a 78-kWh liquid-cooled battery and a tunable powertrain that can generate up to 1,000 kW at peak power. Regenerative braking converts kinetic energy into power, making the car perfect for road courses and short oval tracks.

NASCAR has always been synonymous with high-octane excitement, but now it’s racing towards a cleaner future. By 2035, NASCAR has plans to reduce its carbon footprint to zero across its core operations through electrification and innovative solutions. This a pledge and bold declaration of intent. NASCAR race cars will be powered entirely by renewable energy in the near future.


Eric Nyquist, NASCAR Senior Vice President and Chief Impact Officer, put it best: “There could not be a more optimal moment in time to announce our first Impact partner than in tandem with the debut of the ABB NASCAR EV Prototype at the Chicago Street Race.” The timing is perfect, and the commitment is real.

Toyota bz4X test drive at Electrify Expo
Toyota bZ4X demo at Electrify Expo.

ABB’s role in this journey cannot be overstated. As a founding partner of NASCAR Impact, ABB will provide valuable guidance, equipment, and support in electrifying NASCAR’s operations. From sourcing 100% renewable electricity at race tracks by 2028 to installing on-site EV charging stations, ABB’s expertise will be pivotal in driving this transformation.

As the NASCAR Cup Series season continues, we’re watching races and witnessing history in the making. The Chicago Street Race is a symbol of change, a testament to NASCAR’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. The sport is evolving right in front of you.



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