Electrify Expo ‘Industry Day’ Launches June 3
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Electrify Expo ‘Industry Day’ Launches June 3

Industry Day kicks off the 2022 season of Electrify Expo events in Long Beach, California with a unique, industry-only offering that’s loaded with new products, electric vehicle announcements, featured speakers, and industry expert panels that offer a compelling insight into the future of e-mobility.

Industry Day collects a powerful mix of automotive, micro-mobility, autonomous vehicle, energy, EV charging, consumer technology, city planning, journalists, and policy-makers all in one place. Through panels, featured speakers, and press conferences, attendees can get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest industry trends and network with key industry movers and shakers from OEMs, distributors, and more. Learn more about tickets by clicking here.


Industry Day 2022 Includes:


Past the Tipping Point: An All Electric Now

Electrification and mobility are changing the face of all industries – not just the car business, but business in general with ramifications that are only now beginning to be understood. An explosion of new products and a coming wave of new applications will touch every aspect of how people and things get from point A to point B, and transform what happens once we get to point B, regardless of where point B is.

The Future of ‘Filling Up

Wireless charging, battery swapping, snack charging, low power/120 Volt charging, and bi-directional charging (V2G, V2H, V2B) are game-changers for EV owners today, and in the future. What’s it like to travel across the country in 2022? Easier and faster than you think.

How EV‘s Are Changing All Of Consumer Behavior

As the EV infrastructure grows and electric vehicle tech allows for faster charging, the notion of “convenience” is changing rapidly. In what store or destination would you like to spend twenty minutes? What about 10 minutes? If you could get an extra hundred miles of range while you’re waiting for your coffee order, would you think about charging time at all? The time is now for retailers and consumers to work together in building a new experience for commerce and life. , Hear from the people who are making plugging in painless and productive today.


Two Years Away, and Already Missed the (electric) Party Boat!

Next-generation technology like solid-state batteries, battery swap, hydrogen fuel cells, and wireless charging always seem to be two years away. Will we ever get there? In this panel, we’ll be talking to industry insiders about some of the wild, futuristic technology that’s just over the horizon, and why the e-mobility revolution has already succeeded without it.


Three Trends No One’s Talking About: What’s Next for Bike-friendly Cities

No two cities define “bike-friendly” the same way, just like no two cyclists can agree on the best bike or the best route. On the beat and in the seat, hear about what’s transforming our experiences on the electric street and trails around the world.

No Gas, No Hands – What the Self-Driving the Future REALLY Looks Like

Already in a dozen cities across the USA you can have your groceries delivered or catch a cross-town ride in a vehicle that drives itself. How will autonomous cars impact sales at your corner grocery store? What kind of insurance do you need to feel confident about riding in a robotaxi? Do I have to drive my kids to Grandma’s, or can I buckle them into the back of my Full Self Driving electric car and send them along without me?


And that’s just a few of the insightful panels that will feature at Industry Day LA! Click here to visit the official Electrify Expo Industry Day page to get the most up-to-date information available on panels, speakers, and— most importantly— find out how to register, because Industry Day is not open to the general public.

  • Organization + group discounts for 10+ attendees.
  • Attendance is free for credentialed media.

This year’s Electrify Expo season is less than 60 days away, on June on 3rd. You won’t want to miss this opportunity, so register today. And, if you’re still not convinced, here’s a sample of some of the speakers we had at our inaugural Industry Day in Austin, TX last November.


2021 Industry Day Panelists


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