VoltAero Cassio Hybrid Takes Flight - as Early as Next Month!
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VoltAero Cassio Hybrid Takes Flight

VOLTAERO Cassio Hybrid

French hybrid plane manufacturers VoltAero will demonstrate its first Cassio hybrid-electric aircraft starting next month.

The week of demonstration flights of the of Cassio 1 will take place in the Netherlands, as part of that country’s efforts to introduce electrically-powered commercial passenger flights within five years under its “Power Up” initiative. Program engineers will use the flights to calculate operating costs, noise performance, ground infrastructure requirements required to support a fleet of VoltAero Cassio aircraft.

“Our cooperation is an excellent opportunity to show how Cassio can significantly lower carbon emissions and reduce noise by using VoltAero’s proven electric-hybrid propulsion system,” said VoltAero CEO and chief technology officer Jean Botti. “With the service entry of Cassio production aircraft to begin in 2024, our timing is perfectly matched to the Netherlands’ goal of being a pioneer in sustainable aviation.”

The VoltAero Cassio’s proprietary electric-hybrid powertrain has flown more than 10,000 kilometers (5,400 nautical miles) during flights across Europe as VoltAero readies the propulsion system and battery chain for certification. The Cassio uses its electric motors during taxi, takeoff, primary flight, and landing, while the internal combustion engine serves as a range extender, recharging the plane’s batteries while in flight.

The internal combustion, or “hybrid element,” in VoltAero-speak, can also serve as a backup in the event of a problem with the electric propulsion.

VoltAero plans first to gain certification for the Cassio 330, which carries four or five seats and is powered by a 330-kilowatt electric-hybrid power module. The company plans a six-seat Cassio 480 and 10- to 12-seat Cassio 600s later.


VoltAero’s Hybrid-electric Plane Takes to the Skies




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