Can Electric Vehicles Compete with Gas Cars on Iconic American Road Trips?
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Can Electric Vehicles Compete with Gas Cars on Iconic American Road Trips?

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  • Electric vehicles offer significant cost savings on select routes but with longer travel times.
  • Access to charging stations is crucial for a successful electric vehicle road trip, and some states have better charging infrastructure than others.
  • While electric vehicles are becoming a more viable option for road trips, choosing the right vehicle still depends on the individual’s preferences and the route they plan to take.

Road trips are an American tradition, and with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), many are wondering if EVs can truly compete with gas cars on these iconic journeys. A new study by Upgraded Points set out to answer this question, examining the costs and travel times of five recognizable U.S. road trips.

The study compared the costs of fuel for both gas and EVs, taking into account average gas and electric prices from states along each route. To avoid traffic issues, road closures, and last-minute delays, the travel date was set for a specific weekend in April.

Estimates of fueling and charging times were sourced from the Department of Transportation and the American Petroleum Institute. Finally, the study evaluated the best states for EV charging access, using data sourced from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data and Electrek.

So, what did the study find? For every 100 miles driven along these popular routes, an EV owner will save $11 but will add 25 minutes, on average. While EV trips may take longer, the study determined that driving an EV down certain routes could save drivers over $350 in gas, such as on the longest American road trip, which spans over 3,000 miles and multiple states. However, the tradeoff is significant, with EVs taking an additional 13 hours and 28 minutes on this journey.

Electric Vehicles Offer Significant Savings on Select Routes, But Longer Travel Times May Be A Trade-Off

On other routes, such as the Pacific Coast Highway, an EV would save about $65.79 but would only take an additional 2 hours and 8 minutes. Driving an electric vehicle down Route 66 would save about $258, but the trip would take you 10 hours longer than driving a gas car. Similarly, driving an EV down the Blue Ridge Parkway would save you about $50 but would add nearly 2 additional hours to your journey.

Access to charging stations is crucial to a successful EV road trip, and the study found that access varies by state. Washington D.C. came out on top with 4 road miles per EV charging port, followed by California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

map of American road trips
Upgraded Points

So, can EVs compete with gas cars on iconic American road trips? It depends on the route and individual preferences. While EVs may save drivers money on gas, they also come with the tradeoff of longer travel times.

However, with access to charging stations improving and more EV models hitting the market, it’s clear that EVs are becoming a more viable option for road trippers. As always, it’s up to the individual to decide which vehicle is right for them.

To see all the details and exact numbers, like how many charging stations there are and how much money you can save on your trip, as well as rankings for each state, please check out the full study by clicking on this link: HERE.

Are you planning a road trip and trying to decide whether to take your gas car or invest in an electric vehicle?


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