itselectric & Hyundai Providing the Plug for NYC EVs
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itselectric & Hyundai Providing the Plug for NYC EVs

photo of tesla model 3 on street ev charging chargers at apartments outdoors
  • itselectric and Hyundai CRADLE have teamed up to bring accessible, curbside EV charging to New York, starting in Brooklyn.
  • This pilot project will gather feedback from local EV drivers to test the largest demonstration of itselectric’s charging network.
  • itselectric aims to side-step cost and infrastructure challenges by revenue sharing with partnered property owners.

Born out of Brooklyn, curbside charging company itselectric is collaborating with Hyundai CRADLE of Silicon Valley, one of the motor group’s development centers focused on innovations in the mobility space, to bring user-friendly electric vehicle charging right to the curbs of New York City’s bustling streets. These new charging posts, built to contend with daily urban life, will be the first of their kind in North America, offering a compact and durable form factor, as well as a fully-detachable charging cord.  

From the CRADLE to Brooklyn

After making a major impression during Hyundai CRADLE’s EV Open Innovation Challenge, itselectric was selected as a finalist based on their potential to make EV ownership and adoption more accessible in the wake of the United States’ high goals for EV uptake and infrastructure in the near future. With support from Hyundai and the New York City Economic Development Corporation, itselectric will begin its initial limited pilot program with six Level 2 charging posts installed in two locations: the Brooklyn Army Terminal warehouse and film studio, Steiner Studios. 

Officially launching in spring of 2023, the charging posts will be tested by local EV owners that have been publicly-recruited by itselectric to gather real-world feedback over the course of two months, with the chargers slated to remain active for a further four months after the end of the pilot. This pilot program will be itselectric’s largest public demonstration of its charging network. 


Power from the people, for the people

When EV charging posts are installed, a lot of questions start to circulate about who is paying for the energy and where exactly it’s coming from. This is further complicated when it comes to curbside charging, as it then becomes an issue for business or residence owners where the new chargers are located. To ease this, itselectric’s technology and approach utilizes revenue sharing to incentivise property owners into getting on board. 

After partnering with a willing property owner, analyzing the electrical panel and curb of the installation location, and obtaining the relevant permits, itselectric installs and maintains a low-profile Level 2 EV charging post at no cost to the property owner. The charger is powered by the property owner’s spare electrical supply and used by EV owners who are members of itselectric’s network. Per year, itselectric quotes that its property owner partners could earn passive income upwards of $1,000 per charger. Using this approach, itselectric aims to bring accessible EV charging to new urban neighborhoods, while side-stepping the usual municipal budget issues and infrastructure upgrades associated with installing curb-side charging posts. 

To learn more about itselectric and join the waitlist of interested property owners and EV drivers (aspiring or otherwise), head over to


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