Buxus Eva Blurs the Line Between E-bike & Motorcycle
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Buxus Eva Blurs the Bike/Moto Line

E-bikes are fun. What’s even more fun? An e-bike that feels like a motorcycle. And that’s what the Buxus EVA gladly gives us.

Billed by Buxus as an “electric bike with a motorcycle spirit,” the EVA has two versions: the base EVA and the EVA-S. The EVA has a 750 W hub motor and 960 Wh battery capacity. It gives riders a range of up to 64 miles with a 30 mph top speed. The EVA-S, meanwhile, has a 1,000 W mid-drive motor and a battery capacity of 1200 Wh, giving riders an extended range of up to 75 miles on a charge. It has 80 Nm of torque and can top out at 38 mph.

The build itself is rugged and strong, with a sturdy aluminum frame and high-performance suspension — it has a dual shock-absorbing inverted front fork and a dual-piston hydraulic disc rear fork. When the AI gear is turned on, the rear can be set to anti-lock, and the power recovery system in the rear can still work with this function enabled. This e-bike also has 20-inch moped tires supported by fat tire hub spacing and cast alloy rims, meant to offer traction on surfaces from pavement and gravel to snowy or rocky terrain.

The Buxus EVA has three levels of pedal assist and a 12-magnet speed sensor that automatically turns on the motor when the rider starts pedaling, with the goal of making acceleration smoother. 
The bike will also come ready to pair with the Buxus app, which would allow riders to see details about their speed, power, and battery consumption while riding. Other tech bits include the integrated automatic lights as well as the alarm system, which sounds an alarm and switches off the bike’s power if it detects unregistered movements.

We don’t know any prices yet for this e-bike, but those numbers will probably be announced when the brand’s Indiegogo campaign officially kicks off. Meanwhile, we can all hope that more e-bike manufacturers take a cue from Buxus and have even more fun with their designs.

You can take a look at the Buxus promo images, below, then let us know what you think of this genre-busting e-bike in the comments at the bottom of the page.


Buxus Eva E-bike Promo




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