New UltraTRX E2 Terminator Packs 40 MPH Top Speed
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E2 Terminator Packs 40 MPH Top Speed

A new e-bike company launching on Indiegogo promises a massive 2.6 kWh battery and nearly 100 miles of range!

With a product name like “Terminator,” you’d better deliver some power to back up such a claim. UltraTRX will soon begin its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the E2 Terminator bike, which claims a top speed of 40 mph.

This speed (and the 200 Nm of torque) come from the dual 1,450 W Bafang motors and two 30 A controllers. The E2 Terminator fat-tire bike will also have a 2,640 Wh battery that can provide up to 97 miles of assistance range on a single charge, and the battery comes with a ThermoTRX Battery Protection System with heat strips in order to keep it from overheating. The e-bike apparently features a patent-pending solid state switching system that allows it to change between three batteries. Meanwhile, its GenerTRX Power Generation System allows for regenerative braking, adding up to 50% assistance range via a trickle charge.

UltraTRX wants this e-bike to feel burly and utilitarian, so it has a rear rack as well as an optional front rack so you can carry more around on your rides. One thing you could be lugging around on those racks is some solar panels (available for an additional cost) so you can recharge your bike on the go.

The E2 Terminator will come equipped with Ares double-piston hydraulic disc brakes attached to a full suspension 6061 alloy frame — that allegedly uses marine-grade stainless steel in order to prevent rusting. This bike will weigh a beefy 61 lbs. when it’s carrying one battery, and it can support up to a 400 lb. payload. 

You can pre-order the bike with a refundable $50 deposit on the E2 Terminator’s Indiegogo page. The full price is $5,005, with delivery of the first examples set to begin this fall. If you just can’t wait for more Terminator content, however, check out the Indiegogo video, below.


UltraTRX Terminator Indiegogo Campaign Video




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