Yadea Trooper 01 Electric Bike Review: First Ride
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Yadea Trooper 01 Electric Bike Review: First Ride

Image showcasing Electrify TV First Ride cover for the Yadea Trooper 01 electric bike

The Yadea Trooper 01 electric bike is put to the test on various terrains, demonstrating its versatility and stability with its substantial tires, powerful 750-watt motor, and comfortable seat. It maintains top speed and handles hills effortlessly, offering a substantial range and reliable braking.

  • The Yadea Trooper 01 electric bike features a powerful 750-watt motor, providing quick acceleration and top speed.
  • It offers an impressive range of 56 miles with pedal assist, making it a reliable choice for longer rides.
  • The bike’s versatile design allows it to perform well on both on-road and off-road terrains, thanks to its substantial tires and stability.

Unboxing and Charging the Yadea Trooper 01

If you haven’t seen our unboxing video yet, please watch our Yadea Trooper 01 unboxing video first. Now before hitting the road, we emphasize the importance of charging the electric bike. Notably, the removable battery offers the flexibility to charge on or off the bike, but in our well-equipped Electrify Warehouse, we chose the latter. A simple extension cord connects to the charging port, and the bike starts juicing up, indicated by the red light on the charging brick.

Photo of unboxing the Yadea Trooper 01 electric bike

Getting Acquainted

Our host, Matt Locke takes us through the bike’s controls and features, demonstrating their functionality. We get insights into the LCD display, showcasing speed, odometer, and mode options. The Trooper 01 offers various riding modes, from Eco to High, and even pedal-only for those seeking a workout. Notably, the ebike’s horn, light, and responsive throttle.

Image showcasing Matt Locke on the Yadea Trooper 01 for a test ride

Test Ride with the Yadea Trooper 01

With the bike fully charged and ready, it’s time for the test ride. Matt takes us on a journey through a pavement test course, starting with pedal mode. The unassisted pedaling provides a genuine biking experience, followed by Eco and Mid modes, showcasing the gradual increase in motor assistance. High mode impresses with quick acceleration and a comfortable seat.

Performance Highlights

The Trooper 01 handles the test gracefully, from pavements to a dirt bike track and even a corporate area, proving its versatility. Its substantial, knobby tires provide stability, both on and off-road. The bike effortlessly tackles hills and maintains top speed, thanks to its 750-watt motor. With a range of 56 miles (pedal assist) and 25 miles (throttle), it’s a reliable companion. Hydraulic disc brakes, steel spring shocks, and a Daya integrated light further enhance the riding experience.

Yadea’s Trooper 01 is an enjoyable electric bike suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. With its impressive specifications and performance, it’s a top pick. It promises an exciting riding experience, making it a standout choice among electric bikes.


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