The Oraimo TRCKER 100 E-bike
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The Oraimo TRCKER 100 E-bike

Oraimo trcker 100 e-bike
  • The TRCKER 100 can carry up to 550 pounds thanks to its carbon steel frame. 
  • Oraimo has four unique e-bikes in its lineup. 
  • The new TRCKER 100 delivers up to 100 miles of pedal-assist range. 

The TRCKER 100 from Oraimo fulfills the needs of modern e-bike riders. The new electric bike is made of lightweight carbon steel and has large 4-inch thick tires for a comfortable ride. Oraimo enhanced the TRCKER 100 with an impressive range, speedy charging, and an impressive load capacity. 

Range and Battery Power

Oraimo added a pair of 499Wh lithium batteries to give the Oraimo TRCKER 100 45 to 65 miles of all-electric range and 70 to 100 miles of pedal-assist mode. The assist comes from 750-watt high-speed brushless motors with up to 1000 watts of peak power for any terrain – from concrete urban areas to sandy beaches and uphill gravely roads to snowy neighborhood sidewalks. 

The high-performance batteries charge in about three hours using a 4-ampere charger. For safety and convenience, the batteries are removable.  

Heavy-Duty Durability

The Oraimo TRCKER 100 has a weight capacity that defies most other e-bikes. This durable electric bike has a strong step-through frame that can support up to 550 pounds along with a shock-absorbing front fork. It has an integrated rear rack that can carry up to 330 pounds, making it the perfect e-bike for commutes, family rides, and camping trips.

The Oraimo TRCKER 100 comes in Black and Silver colors and has a price of $1399.00.

The Oraimo Lineup

The TRCKER 100 isn’t the only bike from Oraimo. The e-bike manufacturer offers a handful of models for different types of riders. 

  • The SCRAMBLER 100 is a folding e-bike with 750 watts of power that is perfect for commuters and casual riders alike. 
  • The MONSTER 100 delivers 350 watts for mountain bike riders. 
  • The SCIITI 100 is a commuter step-through bike with 350 watts of power. 

Oraimo includes a 1-year standard warranty and 1-year extended warranty on bikes purchased from its website. 

Oraimo TRCKER 100

About Oraimo

The e-bike manufacturer makes smart, sustainable, and practical bicycles and accessories to reduce gas-powered transportation. Oraimo is on track to helping people develop healthy habits to help themselves and the planet. The company distributes e-bikes to 60 countries to reach 200 million riders. 



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    1. I am in Cape Town,South Africa and interested in obtaining a bike
      Do you have a dealer here or would you consider to establish one

  1. Do you have a back seat and foot pedals accessories for a passenger and the price in canada?

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