Top 5 Electric Scooters With a Seat in 2023
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Top 5 Electric Scooters With a Seat in 2023

Electric scooters with a seat Fiido Q1S
  • If you’re looking at electric scooters that comes with a seat, you can choose from a variety of brands and power outputs.
  • Most seated e-scooters are designed for commuting, like the Razor EcoSmart Metro or the Fiido Q1S.
  • For a more premium ride with a comfy seat, you could try the EverCross H5 or the EMOVE Roadrunner V2.

Electric scooters are great, but not all of them are really built for comfort or for a range of body sizes or physical abilities. If you ride an electric scooter with a seat, you get a more accessible mode of transportation, especially if you have any physical limitations or, honestly, just prefer sitting while riding.

Seated electric scooters offer stability and comfort, making them suitable for commutes or leisurely rides. Plus, factors like motor size, foldability, weight, and adjustability make seated scooters super-versatile for a variety of riders.

What Are the Top 5 Electric Scooters with a Seat?

There are plenty of electric scooters with seats to choose from, but we’re going to outline what we think are the top five for a variety of riders and needs.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter With Seat

If you want comfort, power, and convenience in a seated scooter, then the Razor EcoSmart Metro is a good option. With its 500 W motor, this e-scooter boasts twice the power of a lot of other commuter scooters out there, and it can get up to 18 mph. Pair that motor with rear-wheel drive, and you get excellent traction and control, allowing you to conquer hilly terrains and bumpy roads with ease.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro is designed to handle larger bodies – it can take a maximum load of 220 lbs, and it comes with an extra-wide seat for actual comfort. You also get a nice, wide bamboo deck as a footrest.

While it may be for only short jaunts (its range is about 12 miles per charge), the EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is a solid, lightweight, and versatile scooter option for the commuter set. It currently sells for $449.99 with the seat.

Hiboy S2 Pro With Seat

We’ve talked before about the Hiboy S2 as a great entry-level e-scooter. Here, we want to tell you about the S2 Pro. It’s a definite standout on the performance level, coming equipped with a powerful 500 W motor that can help this scooter tackle steep inclines and reach a top speed of 19 mph.

You also get an adjustable seat post that can go from 20.9 inches to 30.7 inches for a customizable fit. The Hiboy S2 Pro can also handle riders up to 220 lbs, so it’s built for a wide range of bodies. Plus, it comes with a rear dual shock absorber for a more comfortable ride. You also get great braking with rear disc and electric front brakes, ensuring optimal control.

You get a bit more distance with the Hiboy S2 Pro than with the Razor EcoSmart Metro – up to 25 miles on a charge – and at 36.3 lbs, it’s lightweight and foldable, making it easy to store.

You can get the fast, practical Hiboy S2 Pro with the seat for $499.99 (limited time offer).

EverCross H5 Electric Scooter

The EverCross H5 is a solid choice for riders who are looking for premium electric scooters with a seat. The motor is a whopping 800 W, meaning you can conquer up to 20% inclines easily and get up to 28 mph speeds. You also get about 25 miles on a charge with the H5.

Safety is a top priority with this scooter, featuring a responsive e-braking system, front and rear shock absorbers for a smooth ride, and solid tires that can’t go flat. It’s a heavier scooter, for sure, weighing in at 54.4 lbs. But it’s built for power, and that includes holding up to 330 lbs of maximum load. 

Other fun details include the one-step folding design, stylish RGB lights, and a convenient LED display to see your speed, battery level, and gear at a quick glance.

And right now, the EverCross H5 is selling for only $599.99.

Fiido Q1S Folding Electric Scooter

With its unique design, the Fiido Q1S seems to bridge the gap between a scooter and a bicycle. You get a 250 W motor that can take you up to 15 mph and across 18 miles on a single charge. That lower-powered motor makes this a great option for beginning riders. Paired with the spacious memory foam seat and front fork and rear air shock suspension, you’ll be cruising in comfort.

You get a lot of utility out of the Fiido Q1S. It has two generously sized baskets that eliminate the need for a backpack as you run your errands. It was also designed with city riding in mind, with the large, 160 mm mechanical disc brakes that’ll help out if you need to stop quickly in traffic. You also get a horn and cruise control, making that city commute that much easier.

If you want comfort and utility, go with the Fiido Q1S. It’s currently priced at $899 on their website.

EMOVE Roadrunner V2 Seated Electric Scooter

The EMOVE RoadRunner’s sporty design and powerful dual motors set this e-scooter apart from the competition. The Roadrunner V2 can get you up to an intense 34 mph, and you get a stellar max range of 53 miles. Plus, you can climb hills up to 17 degrees, and it can handle a max load of 330 lbs.

The brand jokes that the Roadrunner is an “SUV” – a scooter utility vehicle – thanks to its focus on practical storage, like the center pizza bag with velcro straps and durable waterproof nylon to store your goods. And just like a regular SUV, this scooter can travel in the city or offroad thanks to its robust motors and grippy tires.

Other construction details include the 14-inch pneumatic tires, dual spring suspension, semi-hydraulic brakes, and turn signals. All in all, the Roadrunner is quite the package.

You can leave range anxiety behind and still get a wild ride on the EMOVE Roadrunner V2. You can buy the Roadrunner for $1,495.

Which Seated Electric Scooter Is Best For You?

It all depends on what you’re looking for. Are you a bit of a beginner and want an e-scooter that’s easy to ride? Maybe go for the Hiboy S2 Pro or the Razor EcoSmart Metro. Are you a seasoned rider who wants to go wild on any terrain? Then maybe you’re ready for the EMOVE Roadrunner V2. It’s all up to your needs and your riding style.



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