Velotric Launches Two New Electric Bikes: The Summit 1 eMTB and Fold 1
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Velotric Launches Two New Electric Bikes: The Summit 1 eMTB and Fold 1

Velotric Summit 1 electric mountain bike
  • Velotric introduces 2024 lineup: Summit 1 mountain e-bike & Fold 1 foldable e-bike from $999.
  • Summit 1: 750W hub motor, 1300W peak power, 70-mile battery life.
  • Fold 1: 750W motor, lightweight, folds for storage, 45-mile throttle range, 55-mile pedal assist range.

Velotric has introduced two fresh additions to their 2024 electric bike range: the Summit 1 mountain e-bike (eMTB) and the Fold 1 foldable e-bike, starting at $999. These recent releases highlight Velotric’s dedication to blending performance, comfort, and safety for electric bike riders.


Adam Zhang, Co-Founder and CEO of Velotric, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Summit 1 and Fold 1 to our growing lineup of innovative e-bikes. These models represent our relentless pursuit of excellence in design, technology, and engineering.” At Velotric, they’re all about helping riders enjoy exploring freely and feeling the excitement of electric biking. “We believe these new models will revolutionize the way people safely experience electric biking,” added Zhang.

Velotric Summit 1 eMTB

The Summit 1 eMTB, priced at $1,799, is designed for ultimate adventure biking for all levels of riders. It can be classified as a Class 1, 2, or 3 vehicle, providing flexibility based on the rider’s needs. This model stands out with its proprietary 750W hub motor, quieter and more compact than typical hub motors, delivering a peak power of 1300W and 90 Nm of torque for excellent off-road performance.

Velotric Summit 1 electric mountain bike

Key features of the Summit 1 include:

  • Exceptional Battery Life: The bike features a 705.6Wh battery, offering up to 70 miles of travel with pedal assist and up to 60 miles with throttle use.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Suspension: A 120mm hydraulic suspension fork with lock-out feature ensures a comfortable ride on rough terrain while enhancing efficiency on smoother trails.
  • Superior Braking System: Equipped with Shimano MT200 disc brakes and large 27.5 x 2.6-inch puncture-resistant Kenda tires for reliable stopping power.
  • Customization and Colors: Riders can choose from 15 levels of pedal assist and three modes (Eco, Trail, Boost). Available colors include Space Black, Sunrise Orange, and Royal Blue.

The Fold 1 Foldable Electric Bike

The Fold 1, offered at $999, is a high-performance, portable e-bike built for both urban adventurers and daily commuters. Its 750W motor and lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame make it both powerful and easy to handle.

Highlights of the Fold 1 include:

  • Peak Performance: The motor’s 70Nm torque allows it to handle steep inclines and long distances, making it ideal for various terrains.
  • Compact and Convenient: This model folds quickly for storage in small spaces and weighs only 63lbs, making it easily portable.
  • Long Commuting Range: With a throttle range of 45 miles and pedal assist range of 55 miles, it’s perfect for both short trips and longer commutes.
  • Variety of Colors: Available in Electric Blue, Pearl White, and Stone Gray.

Both models are UL-Certified, meeting the highest safety standards with IPX6 vehicle grading and IPX7-rated waterproof batteries.

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