New Rebate Program Offers Up To $1,500 Toward an E-Bike in Minnesota
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New Rebate Program Offers Up To $1,500 Toward an E-Bike in Minnesota

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  • Minnesota residents are eligible for up to $1,500 toward the purchase of an e-bike.
  • The amount of the rebate depends on your adjusted gross income and filing status.
  • Up to $2 million dollars is available in this program for 2024, and it will also be offered in 2025.

If you live in Minnesota and you’re over 15 years old, you may be eligible for an e-bike rebate of up to $1,500 (or 50%-75% of the purchase price of a new e-bike). You can’t have been claimed as a dependent in tax year 2023.


As I wrote about here before, there are a ton of ebike tax credits, rebates, and deals on electric bikes right now. In fact, because of this, there has literally never been a better time than right now to buy an e-bike, as there are so many discounted electric bikes on the market right now.

If you’re a Minnesota resident, check to see if you’re eligible for an ebike rebate.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has set aside rebates of $2 million dollars per year, for at least 2024 and 2025. It’s based on income and filing status, and there’s a website set up to check your eligibility and the amount of your rebate here. The good news is that each tax-paying state resident is eligible, so more than one per household may apply for the Minnesota e-bike rebate.

An online portal for retailers to apply for the program opened May 1, and for individual buyers a portal opens on June 5 — all rebate certificates will be sent to approved individuals. There’s a YouTube video to explain the application process and a searchable list of approved retailers. You can even sign up for email updates.

Unfortunately, these are for new purchases only. If you’ve already purchased a bike, you’re not eligible for this rebate, but check into others locally and on the state level. Congress is still floating the idea of a national tax incentive, but that hasn’t made it past committee yet.

Don’t let me stop you from writing to your congressperson and telling them, nicely, that more incentives to buy e-bikes will mean faster adoption and far less use of cars for everyday errands, commuting, exercise, and more.

For retailers, there’s a place on the page to apply to become an eligible retailer, an e-bike rebate webinar on YouTube, and also an email sign-up for retailers.

Minnesota is looking ahead with these deals on electric bikes. Let’s hope that far more states see this and start making e-bikes the greenest choice in vehicular travel.



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