New Bird Electric Bike Models Available Spring 2024
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New Bird Electric Bike Models Available Spring 2024

2024 BIRD electric bike in white, side view with woman riding
  • TradeHubb and Spring announced the launch of new electric bike models under the Bird electric bike brand.
  • Multiple new bike models will feature many improvements over previous models.
  • Improvements include a new lightweight frame, a longer-lasting, more powerful electric battery, and a 7-speed Shimano transmission.

TradeHubb, a market frontrunner in the electric bike industry, and Spring, a company renowned for strategic retail growth, are excited to announce the launch of new electric bike models under the esteemed Bird Brand. These industry-leading e-bikes, set to be available in early 2024, promise to elevate the user experience with key advancements over previous models.

*previous model shown

The improvements include a lightweight frame for increased maneuverability, a 7-speed Shimano transmission for smooth gear changes, and a more powerful, long-lasting battery to ensure extended rides. To cater to diverse biking preferences, a selection of new models will be on offer, priced starting from a competitive $1299. Bird e-bikes are proud to carry UL 2859 and UL 2271 certifications.

“Bird’s newest e-bike models will appeal to a range of riders looking for a fun, safe, and powerful ride, with the reliability of one of the leading micromobility brands in the world,” said Greg Appelhof, CEO of TradeHubb. “The Micromobility America conference is the perfect opportunity to announce what Bird has coming for the new year, and the new models are designed to provide riders with the best possible experience.”

2024 Bird Electric Bike Models Offer Many New Features and Improvements

*previous model shown

The 2024 Bird electric bike models boast significant new features and improvements that are set to elevate the cycling experience. The new Bird bike frames are now crafted from a lightweight yet robust aluminum alloy, enhancing the ease of handling and transportation and also increasing their overall performance. To top it off, the Bird bikes come equipped with an upgraded 48V / 10.5ah battery, offering a longer range and more power than the previous models, meaning riders can enjoy extended riding time and spend less time charging their bikes.

In addition to these innovations, the 2024 Bird electric bike models also come packed with a slew of other updates that take the biking experience to a whole new level:

  • Superior Stopping Power: Hydraulic disc brakes have been introduced on both the front and rear wheels, delivering exceptional stopping power, even in wet and muddy conditions. This adds an additional layer of safety, especially for high-speed journeys or during adverse weather conditions.
  • Connected Security: The new models are equipped with an integrated IoT and Bluetooth display that includes a bike alarm system. This advanced feature allows riders to track their bike’s location, receive alerts if their bike is tampered with, and even remotely lock and unlock their bike. This system also provides riders with essential information such as speed, distance, and battery life, keeping them well-informed about their bike’s performance and enhancing their overall riding experience.

The new Bird e-bikes will be available for purchase beginning Spring 2024 at Bird bike dealers nationwide. For the convenience of a broader customer base, these e-bikes will also be available at mass-market big-box retailers, with specific locations to be announced soon. Keep an eye on the website and social media channels for these announcements to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to own one of these state-of-the-art e-bikes.



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