Bosch Places Emphasis On E-Bike Battery Safety And Reliability
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Bosch Places Emphasis On E-Bike Battery Safety And Reliability

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There are several trends happening in the micromobility space now. One of them is e-bike companies, like Bosch, getting UL certifications for their battery systems, especially in the wake of the fires in New York City. There are a number of issues in NYC regarding the battery fires, including sensationalized reporting, dangerous charging conditions, etc. The city has changed its laws to demand that any bike sold in the city have its battery certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

E-Bike Batteries In New York

New York now requires e-bikes to be tested and certified to a specific safety standard, known as UL 2849, which was developed by UL Standards & Engagement, a nonprofit organization, with input from the e-bike industry. E-scooters will have to meet a similar safety standard, UL 2272.

Bosch e-bike Systems always emphasizes safety in their batteries and in the whole e-bike ecosystem. The company is certified under the UL 2849 and UL 2271 safety standards, ensuring safety for Bosch’s e-bike owners and retailers, especially with the upcoming legislation. These standards aim to minimize risks like fire, electric shock, and mechanical hazards in e-bike electrical systems.

The New York City legislation, effective from September 16, 2023, mandates all lithium-ion batteries to meet the UL 2271 standard. This standard outlines safety guidelines for the design, manufacturing, and testing of lithium-ion batteries in light electric vehicles.

Additionally, the UL 2849 standard evaluates the entire e-bike system, including all its components and the software that monitors safety functions.

Bosch Focuses On Safety

“Bosch e-bike Systems goes above and beyond the strict legal requirements, with certain tests, and pays special attention to battery safety throughout the entire value chain,” said Kunal Kapoor, Bosch e-bike Systems Senior Manager of Quality & Compliance. “For peace of mind, the entire Bosch e-bike system is certified to UL 2849 since 2021, which is a standard covering the electrical system of e-bikes powered by a lithium-based, rechargeable battery. Bosch e-bike batteries are also certified to UL 2271 as required by New York City law. UL 2849 and UL 2271 have strict requirements for electrical shock, mechanical, and fire hazards. Furthermore, the high-quality lithium-ion batteries have a Battery Management System (BMS) that detects significant potential sources of error and effectively protects cells against overheating.”

“I firmly believe that the New York legislation is a significant stride in the right direction for the safety of all New Yorkers, and the standards of the entire nation,” said Chris Nolte, Founder of Propel, NY. “It’s a source of immense gratitude for us, having navigated the e-bike industry for years in collaboration with Bosch. Early on, we recognized the absence of standardized practices and Bosch stood out as a pioneer in shaping these crucial benchmarks. While many companies are only now beginning to embrace these standards, we are deeply thankful and proud to have been working hand in hand with Bosch, who has been at the forefront setting the bar high for the industry.”

Bosch e-bike Systems promote public awareness about e-bike battery safety. They offer resources like the e-bike Battery Guide, which provides detailed information on their safety measures and battery technology. Consumers can also visit Bosch e-bike dealers in New York City to interact with the company’s safety-oriented products.

In conclusion, Bosch e-bike Systems is devoted to ensuring the safety and quality of its products for riders in New York City and elsewhere, allowing them to experience the joys of eBiking with confidence.



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