Lyric Cycles Graffiti: E-Bikes Disguised as Motorcycles
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Lyric Cycles Graffiti: E-Bikes Disguised as Motorcycles

Lyric Cycles Graffiti top front view
  • Lyric Cycles is a brand that’s designed for enjoying an electrified bike ride while feeling like you’re riding a sweet moto.
  • The 2023 Lyric Graffiti is one such moto-inspired e-bike, with its styling and seat all designed to look like a classic scrambler.
  • With a 33 mph top speed and up to 80+ miles of range, the Graffiti is a serious contender for urban riders.

In a world where electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, Lyric Cycles stands out as a pioneer, pushing the boundaries of human transportation. Their mission is simple yet profound: to build vehicles that not only offer eco-friendly mobility but also ignite passion and excitement in their riders. Lyric firmly believes that the future of transportation lies in light, low-impact vehicles that are not only functional but also sexy, fun, fast, and downright addictive – vehicles like the 2023 Lyric Graffiti.

The story of Lyric Cycles began in the picturesque town of Squamish, British Columbia, Canada With a passion for electric bikes and motorcycles, they set out on a journey to design, develop, manufacture, and test all their products right in Canada. This emphasis on local production ensures that their vehicles maintain top-notch quality and locally sourced materials.


What sets Lyric Cycles apart from the sea of electric bikes flooding the market is their unwavering dedication to aesthetics and performance. They identified a gap in the market for well-designed, attractive, high-performance, and high-quality electric moped-style bikes that turn heads wherever they go. 

Owning a Lyric e-bike means you will definitely turn some heads when you ride around town.

Your Lyric Cycles 2023 Graffiti Buyer’s Guide

We’ve written about the Graffiti before, but the 2023 model has some new details we especially like. The 2023 Lyric Graffiti e-bike is a friendly and amicable addition to Lyric Cycles’ stylish and high-performance model range. This isn’t just another electric bike; it’s a thoughtfully designed machine that seamlessly blends high-performance components with modern sustainable technology and eye-catching designs.

Performance to Suit Every Ride

For leisurely cruises or quick commutes, the 2023 Lyric Graffiti e-bike is up to the task. Its dual batteries and peak power 2,300 W motor offer impressive speeds, reaching up to 20 mph at the top regulated speed and an impressive top speed of 33 mph (on private roads, of course). This remarkable performance enables you to ride harder, faster, and farther, even with a heavy load.

Speaking of going farther: Whether you’re looking for long leisurely cruises or quick commutes, this e-bike has the range to take you the distance – up to 40+ miles of range on a single battery and up to 80+ miles with the dual battery, to be exact.

Comfort and Convenience

Photo of the 2023 Lyric Graffiti 2023 electric bike in Black and green.

With its integrated rear shelf, thumb-throttle, and comfortable seat, the Graffiti ensures a pleasant and convenient riding experience. In fact, the seat is very much designed for the type of rider who loves owning a Class 2 e-bike and just letting it rip with only the throttle – the wide nose on the saddle might cramp your style if you want to pedal, but this thing is designed to look and ride like a moto, so just embrace that fact.

It can also comfortably accommodate two riders, making it a perfect choice for fun rides with a friend or loved one. Whether you’re cruising solo or with a companion, this e-bike accommodates both with ease and style.

Built for Ease

The Graffiti’s thoughtful design includes a carbon belt drivetrain from Veer, ensuring a virtually maintenance-free ride. No longer do you have to worry about your bike chain rusting or needing lubrication. Even with that seemingly small element, the Lyric Graffiti is meant to be easy and inexpensive to care for.

Coupled with the sealed waterproof system, this e-bike is built to withstand the elements. Rated IP54, the Lyric Graffiti can withstand rain and splashes while you ride in inclement weather.

2023 Lyric Graffiti Specs

Stock Power (Class 2 USA)Stock Power (Canadian)
750W (1000W peak)Legal Mode: 500W (1000W peak)
Regulated: 20mphTop Speed Regulated: 32 km/h
1000W (2300W peak)Top Speed Unlimited: 33mph
RangeSingle BatteryDual Battery
Per Charge (miles) 35-40+70-80+
Range Formula Used25-30 Wh per mile25-30 Wh per mile
Rider Weightfor a 175lb rider for a 175lb rider
Speedat 15-20 mphat 15-20 mph
Pedal AssistConfigurable 5-9 level pedal assist with sealed 12 magnet cadence sensor
ThrottleRight side full twist throttle with throttle cancel button
Lights6000 lumen 7” DOT Motorcycle headlight, Integrated Tail and brake light, Turn signals not included
Battery52V, 20ah (1040 Wh) with 21700 Samsung 50E cells, rated for 1000 charge cycles, Optional Dual Battery 52V 2 x 20ah
Controller52V, 33 amp controller
DisplayAPT 860c Display
Charger 52V, 3 Amp with intelli-charger, 110v
WiringIP54 rated, Internally run, water-resistant connectors and wiring harness

Why You Should Consider Getting the Lyric Graffiti

If you’re looking for an electric bike that effortlessly blends style and performance, the 2023 Lyric Graffiti is the perfect choice. With its thoughtfully designed aesthetics and top-notch components, the Graffiti offers unparalleled speed and range.


Plus, the bike’s low-maintenance features – like that durable belt drivetrain – ensure hassle-free riding and cost savings. Whether you want long leisurely cruises, quick commutes, or a fun ride with a friend, the Lyric Graffiti promises to deliver an electrifying experience that sets a new performance standard in the world of electric bikes.

Where Can You Buy the 2023 Lyric Graffiti?

If you want your very own 2023 Lyric Graffiti, you can buy one off the Lyric Cycles website. They ship the bike for free anywhere in Canada and the Lower 48 States. And for just $2,599 for the single battery and $2,999 for the dual battery, it’s even more affordable than the first iteration of the Graffiti.



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