E-bike Spotlight: Lyric Graffiti is Coming to Electrify Expo Miami

E-bike Spotlight: Lyric Graffiti

Lyric Cycles, a Canadian EV startup, has released the Graffiti as its first in-house e-bike designed, and developed in Canada.

Urban commuters want e-bikes that stand out and really show off their personality and can be practical, too. Enter the Lyric Graffiti, a scrambler-style e-bike that blurs the line between e-bike and motorcycle … and we have to say that the Graffiti looks truly impressive when it comes to power, range, and speed.

Standout features include a 2,500 W hub-drive motor, which is more than twice the power of most other e-bikes in this class. The motor can reach 4,700 peak watts, which is enough to power your ride uphill with just the throttle alone. Whew. Now, remember that this is in the bike’s “Unlimited Mode” that Lyric warns should be used only on private land. Otherwise, the “Legal Mode” gives you 750 W and 1,000 peak watts.

As for range, the Graffiti can go up to 80-100 miles of range (or farther) with the removable dual batteries that provide 1,820 Wh of capacity. If you mostly use assist level 1 or level 2, you can eke out up to 120 miles. But if you want to ride this hard — and we understand if you do — your range would drop to probably about 30 miles with the dual batteries.

Meanwhile, the regenerative brakes can recharge up to 10% of your energy while you ride. The battery itself is 52 V and 17.5 Ah and is rated for 1,000 charge cycles. It takes about four to five hours to fully charge from empty with the 110 V charger that comes with the bike.

This thing blitzes along at a 38 mph top speed in Unlimited Mode, which sounds simultaneously amazing and terrifying, to be honest. The Graffiti’s top regulated speed for public riding is a more sane-sounding 20 mph.

There are other truly great aspects of this bike, like the rubber belt drive system that replaces a chain and means less maintenance or threat of rust in those nooks and crannies. To also make sure this still feels like a practical commuter and not at all just a thrill ride, the extended saddle lets you carry another rider with you, while the extended rear rack is good for running errands.

The Lyric Graffiti is up for sale now on the Lyric website, but you can do better than that — Lyric will be attending its first ever Electrify Expo this weekend in Miami at Regatta Park. So, if you’re in South Florida, head on over and give the Graffiti a test ride for yourself (25% of all ticket sales to benefit victims of Hurricane Ian).


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