The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2023
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The 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes in 2023

The 5 best electric mountain bikes two women riding Canyon bikes in a dense forest
  • Electric mountain bikes offer extended range and speed for trail riding, catering to both uphill and downhill preferences.
  • When choosing an eMTB, consider factors like motor power, battery capacity, suspension, and weight.
  • More budget-friendly eMTBs include the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8 and Cannondale Moterra Neo 5, while the priciest would be the Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Carbon 90.

Electric mountain bikes are taking over more and more trails, and it’s easy to see why: They let you go farther, faster, all while still giving you the rugged ride you’re craving. Electric mountain bikes are especially great for riders who dread the uphill climb but absolutely relish bombing down the trail. That’s why we realized that we needed to take a look at what the best electric mountain bikes may be so that we can get out on those trails too.

What To Consider When Choosing an Electric Mountain Bike

MotorMountain trails demand muscle, so choose a motor that’s up to the task. You’ll need at least 500 watts of pure power and 60 Newton-meters of torque.
BatterySince you don’t want your battery running out on you halfway up, opt for an eMTB with a larger battery than your standard little city commuter. Shoot for at least 300 Wh of battery, but a 500 Wh battery is going to get your farther.
SuspensionThe suspension is the cushion that turns a rocky climb into a joyride. Look for at least 140 mm of travel.
WeightLightweight frames let you dance up slopes and glide downhill with more control. If possible, aim for an eMTB that weighs less than 50 lbs – your back will also thank you as you load your bike onto your vehicle’s rack.

The Top 5 Best Electric Mountain Bikes

Here it is: Our list of the top eMTBs out there, as of 2023. Don’t blame us if you spend all your days climbing hills now.

Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL

best electric mountain bikes Specialized S-Works

A Specialized bike is already a special thing. Now make it an eMTB with a light weight of only 38.91 lbs? Then it easily earns a place on a list of the best electric mountain bikes.

The S-Works Turbo Levo SL is a dazzling electric mountain bike that’s redefining off-road adventure. Powered by the smooth and lightweight SL 1.1 motor, boasting 240 W power, this bike navigates diverse terrains effortlessly while maintaining exceptional performance even on challenging paths.

Adorned with top-tier components like Fox Factory suspension and SRAM’s Eagle XX1 AXS drivetrain, the bike exudes elegance, albeit at a premium cost of $10,874.99 as of this writing

We said before that this is a shockingly lightweight eMTB, which may come from its smaller 320 Wh battery. Its frame, sans the side-arm, achieves an optimal balance between flex and stability, even as the front end lengthens for improved handling.

Thanks to adjustable flip chips and headset cups, riders can customize the bike’s fit and performance to their preferences. This evolutionary masterpiece ensures a thrilling journey whether charging uphill or flying downhill.

Whyte E-160 RSX

best electric mountain bikes Whyte E-160

Whyte’s E-160 RSX is an eMTB that’s as versatile as your favorite trail mix. Whether you’re into trail riding, e-enduro racing, or technical singletrack adventures, the E-160 RSX has your back.

Its lowered center of gravity design ensures a balanced feel and nimble cornering, while the 29-inch wheels provide enhanced grip and stability over rough terrain. The “Total Geometry” system with a generous reach and optimal head angle makes it incredibly agile and confidence-inspiring, perfect for any ride.

Powered by the latest Bosch 750 Wh PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX motor, this bike offers more range and power than other iterations. And with the Bosch Smart System, accessible through the “eBike Flow” app, you can fine-tune motor support, monitor performance, plan routes, and more.

Beyond its technical prowess, the E-160 RSX is built for the long haul. Hassle-free battery installation, water bottle compatibility, and in-the-bike charging make daily tasks a breeze.

Retailing at £7,999 ($10,069) right now, the Whyte E-160 RSX is a ticket to e-ride paradise.

Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8

best electric mountain bikes Canyon Spectral

The Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8, the electric mountain bike that’s like that friend who’s up for anything, whether it’s climbing, bombing down trails, or taking corners like a champ. This bad boy weighs in at 51 pounds and rocks a geometry that’s playful enough to tackle any terrain. Plus, it’s got a beefy 900 Wh battery (on larger models – otherwise, you get the 720 Wh battery), a Shimano EP801 motor, and top-notch components that make it a true trail-taming legend.

It has the obligatory mullet wheel setup and a low bottom bracket for that planted feel. And it also comes with a sweet Shimano SLX M7100 driverain, Fox Float suspension and trusty Maxxis Minion tires for maximum grip. 

This Canyon masterpiece packs a punch in the value department: It currently sells for just $4,799.

Cannondale Moterra Neo 5

best electric mountain bikes Cannondale Moterra Neo

Looking to conquer mountains without conquering your bank account? Enter the Cannondale Moterra Neo 5 – your ticket to the thrilling world of electric mountain biking without breaking the bank. While most e-mountain bikes flash a staggering price tag, the Moterra Neo 5 winks at budget-conscious riders while still packing a punch. At half the cost of top-tier models (just $4,550, even less expensive than the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8), it keeps the shocks and awe coming without delivering wallet-shock.

Unleash its Shimano STEPS drive system, a power-packed dance partner that propels you up to 60 miles on a single charge of the 504 Wh battery. With its 150 mm suspension, this aluminum chariot lets you shred through diverse terrain, while its nimble geometry and short chainstays make every ride a grin-inducing adventure.

It is a bit heavier than some of the others on our list of best electric mountain bikes, but 53 lbs for a well-equipped bike isn’t all that wild. You still get a 250 W motor with 85 Nm of torque, and you get a design that’s well thought-out, from the SmartForm C2 alloy construction to the LockR thru-axle pivot system.

So, get ready to rail the trails and revel in an all-mountain escapade, thanks to the Cannondale Moterra Neo 5’s electrifying blend of affordability and performance.

Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay Carbon 90

best electric mountain bikes Rocky Mountain Instinct Powerplay

The Rocky Mountain’s Instinct Powerplay Carbon 90 may be a total game-changer because it’s like that perfect blend of comfort and style. This Vancouver-made gem boasts a balanced blend of lightweight design and robust power, harmonizing ease of use with cutting-edge tech. Anchored by a 720 Wh battery, it delivers ample range while hugging corners with finesse. 

The Instinct Powerplay comes with a sleek Dyname 4.0 drive system that’s like a turbo boost for uphill battles and quick sprints. You also get 150 mm of travel in the front and 140 mm in the rear to absorb any big hits and smooth out rough terrain, thanks to the Fox Float X Factory shock.

So, if you’re out there pushing limits and breaking a sweat, this Instinct Powerplay has got your back – and it’s doing it in style. Right now, it’s selling for $12,349 on the Rocky Mountain website.

Which eMTB Is Right For You?

If you’re looking at buying an electric mountain bike, you probably already know some of the basic specs that you’re looking for, like suspension and weight. 

But maybe you’re on a bit of a budget – try the Cannondale Moterra Neo 5 or the Canyon Spectral:ON CF 8. Or maybe you’re dedicated to using as much of your human pedal power as possible and want something a bit lighter that’ll just give you a bit of a boost. Then the Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo SL is your option.

Basically, think about what ultimately matters to you, whether it’s cost, weight, power, or versatility. But in the end, we think you’ll enjoy any one of these eMTBs when you’re out on the trails.



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