The Lectric ONE E-Bike: Your Key to Maintenance-Free, Clean, Quiet, and Reliable Riding
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The Lectric ONE E-Bike: Your Key to Maintenance-Free, Clean, Quiet, and Reliable Riding

Meet the Lectric eBikes ONE Electric Bike
  • The Lectric ONE ebike integrates top-tier technology from industry leaders Pinion and Gates Corporation with Pinion’s Smart.Shift electronic shifting and Gates Carbon Drive belt system.
  • Despite its premium features, the ebike is available for pre-order at just $1,999.
  • With its lightweight design, powerful motor, and safety features, it provides riders with a smarter, more efficient, and enjoyable way to navigate city streets.

Lectric eBikes has once again set a new standard with the launch of its latest innovation, the Lectric ONE ebike. With a history marked by rapid expansion and high customer approval, Lectric eBikes has emerged as one of the nation’s premier electric bike companies. With over 400,000 eBikes sold in just four years, Lectric eBikes has solidified its reputation for producing top-quality products at accessible price points. The flagship XPTM models of the company have received praise for their outstanding design and performance, offering premium features commonly seen in high-end electric bikes, yet at an exceptionally affordable price.


Now, Lectric eBikes is raising the bar once again with the launch of the Lectric ONE, its most advanced e-bike yet. This marks a collaboration with industry leaders Pinion and Gates Corporation.

“The technology built into this bike is going to appeal to serious commuters, and the maintenance-free aspect that comes along with that tech will excite everyday riders,” said Levi Conlow, CEO and co-founder of Lectric eBikes. “And no other bike on the market has this level of world-class technology at such a low price.”

At the heart of the bike’s innovation is the integration of Pinion’s cutting-edge gearbox technology and Gates Carbon Drive belt system. The Pinion gearbox, famous for its precision engineering and seamless shifting capabilities, provides riders with performance comparable to automotive driving dynamics. With Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology, riders can effortlessly maneuver through city streets with intuitive electronic shifting, evoking the feeling of using paddle shifters in high-performance sports cars.

Partnering with Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Lectric eBikes has equipped the Lectric ONE with a maintenance-free drivetrain that delivers a clean, quiet, and reliable riding experience. The Gates Carbon Drive belt, crafted from carbon fiber-reinforced materials, offers longevity surpassing traditional chains while eliminating the need for lubrication and minimizing maintenance requirements.

“Gates Carbon Drive pioneered bicycle belt drive systems over 17 years ago, and we are proud to bring our product legacy to the Lectric ONE commuter,” stated Chris Vasiliotis, Global Business Development Manager at Gates Corporation. “Lectric has been instrumental in helping introduce people to the joy and utility of riding an eBike, and we are ecstatic to have helped them continue their goal of bringing world-class tech to everyday riders.”


The Lectric ONE comes equipped with a range of features aimed at elevating the rider’s experience. Powered by Lectric’s 750-watt Stealth M24 rear hub motor, the Lectric ONE offers lightning-fast starts and quick acceleration, making it the lightest electric bike with a 750-watt motor on the market.

“With Pinion’s Smart.Shift technology and the Gates Carbon Drive belt, the Lectric ONE represents the pinnacle of innovation in electric biking,” remarked Thomas Raith, General Manager at Pinion. “We are proud to offer our German engineering and manufacturing quality to a broad customer base in America.”

Alongside its technological advancements, the Lectric ONE places a strong emphasis on rider convenience and safety. Equipped with a backlit color LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes, brake-activated taillight, and puncture-resistant tires, the Lectric ONE ensures a smooth and secure commute in any urban environment.

“We’re committed to bringing great design and the latest tech to our diverse community of riders,” affirmed Conlow. “Our ongoing partnerships with industry leaders like Pinion and Gates will continue to drive our success as the most popular eBike brand in America.”

Priced attractively at $1,999 for pre-order, the Lectric ONE is positioned to establish a new benchmark for electric commuting, shipping in May 2024.



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