InMotion RS Ultra-High Performance E-scooter Is Up On Kickstarter
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InMotion RS Ultra-High Performance E-scooter Is Up On Kickstarter

  • INMOTION has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a robust 8,400 W e-scooter.
  • Other specs include dual 2,000 W hub motors and a 72 V, 40 Ah battery, 
  • This newest INMOTION electric scooter claims a 68 mph top speed.

INMOTION, a Hong Kong brand for high-performance electric mobility, has just launched their latest product: the INMOTION RS electric scooter. Its cutting-edge design is made for delivering speed, power, and style, and you can now reserve yours via their official Kickstarter.

It Transforms Depending on Your Needs

What sets the INMOTION RS apart within the e-scooter segment is its radical transforming system. With just a few adjustments to the height settings, you can switch between four different  ground clearance levels depending on your riding terrain. You can go as low as 183 mm (7.2 inches) all the way to 303 mm (11.9 inches). The lower settings can give you better stability at high speed on smoother roads, while the taller settings can improve your ride on rougher landscapes.


How Are the Power Specs?

The INMOTION RS comes equipped with dual 2,000 W hub motors and a peak output of 8,400 W. The robust 72 V, 40 Ah battery can get up to an impressive 100 miles on a single charge, while the battery management system and dual-charging capability ensures you can get consistent power, better temperature control, and shorter charging times.

Also, it boasts a top speed of 68 mph. (It’s not as pants-wettingly fast as the INMOTION V13 unicycle, but what is?) Basically, it can comfortably conquer steep inclines and provide an exhilarating ride if you’re looking for that wild adrenaline rush.

It Doesn’t Skimp on Aesthetics or Safety

Thankfully, the INMOTION RS isn’t just about performance — it’s also pretty stylish, too. INMOTION has paid careful attention to design, making sure that this electric scooter turns heads wherever it goes with its black and yellow colorway and rugged construction.

Safety features like bright LED lights ensure that this thrilling ride doesn’t compromise on safety. Dual 16 cm full-hydraulic disc brakes and an enhanced regenerative braking system ensure maximum control, even at those high speeds.

Plus, the INMOTION App complements the RS, allowing riders to customize their driving mode, monitor real-time data, and track their mileage. It also provides the convenience of remotely locking and unlocking the scooter for added security when you need it.

How to Get Your Hands on One

You can reserve an INMOTION RS scooter on their Kickstarter page for about $3,499. After the launch date, the price will increase to $4,599. Plenty of people have already backed the project — as of this writing, the campaign made over 15 times its goal.

You can expect deliveries to start in July 2023.


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