Lectric Dubs May 30 National E-Bike Day
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Lectric Dubs May 30 National E-Bike Day

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  • Electric mobility fans should be pleased to know that we now have a National E-Bike Day on May 30.
  • The day marks the anniversary of the brand Lectric eBikes, which got its start four years ago and officially registered the date as a national holiday.
  • Lectric celebrated by giving away four e-bikes across social media and a livestream event.

Lectric eBikes, one of the leading brands in the e-bike industry, has made an official proclamation: Henceforth, May 30 shall now be known as National E-Bike Day. This new holiday does coincide with Lectric’s fourth anniversary, but it also has the goal of encouraging riders across the country to celebrate the benefits of e-bikes and to opt in to electric transportation.

A Livestreamed Celebration

To commemorate their journey so far, Lectric eBikes hosted a livestream event on May 30 across Facebook and YouTube where they reflected on how they have grown as a company. They shared how they had worked hard to establish the brand from a customer-centric concept and how the brand exploded online thanks to a video posted by a partner of theirs, Fate Unbound.

At the end of the livestream, they held a giveaway for two of their e-bikes to commenters. They also gave away two more bikes to riders who posted about their e-bike adventures on social media with the hashtag #NationalEBikeDay.

Why Do We Need a National E-Bike Day?

E-bikes have grown in popularity here in the U.S. as a fun, sustainable, and economic mode of transportation. This holiday is meant to promote the joy of e-biking as well as the industry’s efforts to revolutionize transportation and change the way people can move within our world.

“The e-bike is the most efficient solution for humans to move ourselves, so I’m proud to establish National E-Bike Day to not only reflect on our mission as a company, but to also champion the e-bike industry as a whole,” said Levi Conlow, co-founder and CEO of Lectric. “When we started Lectric in 2019, we set out to be the Greatest Urban Transportation Solution Ever and to challenge the idea of transportation as we knew it. This will be a day dedicated to recognizing and amplifying the sustainable, economic and wellness benefits of e-biking, while encouraging riders across the country to use their e-bikes or opt into electric transportation.”

About Lectric eBikes

Lectric eBikes was founded with a mission to revolutionize transportation. Childhood friends and co-founders Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel recognized the need for high-quality e-bikes that offered excellent value. 

By prioritizing quality, power, and comfort while remaining affordable, Lectric has cultivated a community of over 300,000 electric commuters nationwide, making their e-bike model the best-selling in America.


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