Radio Flyer Cyberquad for Kids: The Toy Tesla Cybertruck
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Radio Flyer Cyberquad for Kids: The Toy Tesla Cybertruck

Radio Flyer Cyberquad for kids Tesla Cybertruck with kid riding it
  • Radio Flyer, in collaboration with EV company Tesla, released an updated model of their popular ride-on toy product, Cyberquad For Kids by Radio Flyer, Model 915.
  • The Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids is an updated version of the original Model 914 that sold out within minutes when launched in 2021 on the Tesla Shop.
  • The Model 915 version lithium battery powered ride-on toy includes several enhanced product updates to deliver the best experience for riders, and provide a fun time.

Radio Flyer, in collaboration with Tesla, has released an updated model of their popular product, Cyberquad For Kids. Having a rich history of over a century, Radio Flyer, known for their iconic Original Little Red Wagon®, has teamed up with Tesla, a front-runner in sustainable automobiles, to create the Model 915 Cyberquad. This innovative and delightful addition to their lineup is now available for purchase on the Tesla Shop, marking another milestone in their commitment to bring joy to every boy and girl. The Model 915, integrating the classic charm of Radio Flyer with the cutting-edge technology of Tesla, promises to create a truly unique and exciting playtime experience.

Enhanced Performance and Safety Features of the Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids

The Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids features an upgraded battery system, offering extended playtime for young riders. Its enhanced shock absorption mechanics provide a smooth and comfortable ride on varied terrain. The new model also boasts an improved speed control system, ensuring a safe yet thrilling adventure for the little drivers. Above all, the Model 915 meets all Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements and ASTM F963 Toy Safety Standards, reflecting Radio Flyer and Tesla’s unwavering commitment to safety. From the reinforced chassis for increased durability to the provision of a safety belt, every feature is meticulously designed considering the well-being of its young riders.

Product Enhancements and Age Grade Update for the Model 915 Cyberquad for

The Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids comes with a range of important product updates aimed at enhancing the user experience and ensuring the utmost safety. In particular, the rear spring has been replaced with a steel tube that includes rubber-coated metal inserts, securing the rear frame to the main frame with superior strength and stability.

Furthermore, the age grade for the Model 915 has been updated to cater to kids aged 9-12 years old, providing a more accurate representation of the product’s user base.


Commitment to Safety and Innovation

Finally, a tire inflation warning label has also been attached to the front left fender. This addition is aimed at ensuring the safety and longevity of the tires, reminding users to maintain proper tire inflation for optimal performance.

These updates underline the ongoing commitment of both Radio Flyer and Tesla to providing a safe, enjoyable, and reliable product for their young users.

“We’re thrilled to announce the official relaunch of the Cyberquad for Kids by Radio Flyer, a product we have been working to enhance for the last two years,” said Robert Pasin, Radio Flyer’s Chief Wagon Officer. “Our award-winning product development team has worked closely with the Tesla Design Studio to update this new model, which we know has been highly anticipated by our customers. At Radio Flyer, we take pride in delivering safe and innovative products that spark imaginative play, and we can’t wait to see kids enjoying the new Model 915 Cyberquad out in their communities.”

Key Features of the Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids: Power, Performance, and Realism

The new Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids, enhanced by Radio Flyer, comes equipped with the same robust steel frame, heavy-duty rubber air tires, and a 500-watt motor that allows a top speed of 10 MPH. The ride-on employs Radio Flyer’s Flight Speed® Lithium-Ion battery technology, offering superior performance, minimal impact on the environment, and the longest battery life and quickest recharge time compared to other market offerings.

Inspired by the groundbreaking design of the Tesla Cybertruck, the Cyberquad for Kids gives a realistic driving experience with its padded seat and a variable speed throttle that operates in both forward and reverse gears. The addition of LED light bars for the headlight and taillight enhance the ride-on’s realism. It should be stressed that this product is only suggested for children aged 9 to 12 years, as it is not a Youth ATV and is not designed for off-road use. The Radio Flyer Model 915 Cyberquad for Kids can now be purchased exclusively from the Tesla Shop for $1,900, but only while stocks last.



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