Get Around Town Quickly on the Segway SuperScooter GT2
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Get Around Town Quickly on the Segway SuperScooter GT2

two Segway SuperScooter GT2 in an industrial looking room with wet floors
  • The Segway SuperScooter GT2 reaches a maximum speed of 43.5 MPH. 
  • The GT2 has six efficient modes: ECO, Sport, Race, Boost, Walk, and Park. 
  • Riders appreciate the high-tech OLED digital display. 

Getting around town is easy, fast, and eco-friendly with the Segway SuperScooter GT2. This exceptional scooter gets you where you need to go – quickly, thanks to a 0-to-60 time of less than four seconds. 

Long Range and Lots of Speed

The Segway SuperScooter GT2 e-scooter lives up to its name. It’s a super scooter with a zippy 0-to-60 time of 3.9 seconds. If you need to keep up with traffic, the scooter reaches 43.5 MPH. You can travel up to 56 miles between charges. 

Segway includes speed modes so you stay within your local sidewalk, park, and bike path regulations. You can choose from the following modes and their preset speed limits:

  • ECO (24.9 MPH)
  • Sport (43.5 MPH)
  • Race (43.5 MPH)
  • Boost (No speed limits)
  • Walk (3.7 MPH)
  • Park (0 MPH)


To maintain power when the battery drops below 30%, acceleration in the GT2 slows. You’ll be able to travel up to 30 MPH when the battery drops. As soon as the GT2 battery reaches 3%, the scooter stops and moves into Walk mode. When resting for at least 5 seconds, the scooter automatically transfers to Park mode. 

Battery and Charging

The Seway GT2 has 1512 kW capacity thanks to the 52V batteries. The dual 1500W motors have a peak power of 6000W for an exhilarating ride. The battery pack needs eight hours to fully charge, and Segway includes two universal chargers. The ports are behind the scooter’s rake. 

To extend the life of the battery system, Segway added a multi-layer cooling system. The dual-charging ports also protect the life of the battery pack. 

Staying Safe on the Segway Scooter

It’s no secret that the Segway SuperScooter GT2 is built for racing speeds, so safety features matter significantly. Without reducing the power and performance, Segway added exceptional brakes. Unfortunately, the hydraulic brakes do not deliver regenerative braking power, but they will stop the scooter in about 10 feet after traveling at 15 MPH. The brakes have 140mm vented rotors. 

Illumination is another important safety feature, and Segway outfits the GT2 with a 900-lumen headlight. The scooter also has two turn signals and a taillight that also acts as a brake light. All light controls are on the handlebars.


Riders can use the Segway app to play around with the eleven settings that turn the turn signals into background glow lights. The deck also has adjustable ambient lighting. Riders can also use the app to set the lights to turn on as soon as the scooter powers on. 

Additional safety features on the GT2 include front, side, and back reflectors. Segway offers an optional Bluetooth speaker so riders can turn on engine noises. 

Impressive Components and Ride Quality

Segway has a reputation for building exceptional e-mobility vehicles, and the GT2 is no exception. It has a pair of grippy tires that measure 11” x 3.6”. They are self-sealing to reduce the chances of punctures destroying your ride. The tall tires raise the deck to prevent scraping. 

The deck measures 27” x 9.5” providing plenty of room for up to two people! It has textured rubber flooring to keep your feet on the deck. For safety and security, the scooter has a front foot pocket to protect shoes from road debris. The wedged back provides a pleasant resting spot for the back foot. Segway engineers considered the human form when designing the deck for the GT2. 

Ride quality is enhanced by the dual-wheel drive, front double-wishbone suspension, and rear trailing-arm suspension. Segway added front and rear dampers with 15 levels of adjustability so riders can travel on- and off-road. The OLED display uses a state-of-the-art transparent passive matrix that resembles the digital dash in a high-end sports car.


A Scooter Worth the Premium Price

The Segway reputation comes with a premium price of $3,999, but the SuperScooter GT2 is worth every penny. It’s a speedy scooter loaded with enhanced safety features and exceptional technology. The big deck, customizable lights, and hill-climbing torque make it a great choice for riders who want a scooter for daily commuting and performance fun. So when you can get $1000 off, it’s a no-brainer!



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  1. Finally getting one this Friday. Ordered August 13th. Are you guys seriously saying this thing will go over 43.5 in boostmode? Hopefully I don’t kill myself lol 😅

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