Segway Launches New, Premium Line of Electric Scooters
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Segway Kickstarts Premium Scooter Scene

Segway kickstarts full-suspension premium electric kickscooters

Segway is launching a new line of premium, full-suspension electric kick scooters with plans to revolutionize the industry.

Following a successful crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo for its high-powered, 40 MPH GT series electric scooters, Segway is launching another crowdfunding campaign– this one on Kickstarter– to fund production of a pair of new premium scooters with front and rear swingarm suspensions that go by P65 and P100S.

The P65 is what Segway calls a “commuter model.” It weighs in at 58 lbs., folds down to 46.8 x 25 x 22.3 inches to squeeze into the trunk of a car, and it’s powered by a 500W electric motor good for a 25 MPH top speed in the highest of three available power levels. The 561Wh battery is claimed good for up to 40 miles range on a single charge.

The new P100S offers a more powerful ride than the P65, and tips the scales a bit harder at 72 lbs. The P100S packs a 650W motor that will let riders sprint from 0 to 15 MPH in “just” 2.8 seconds on the way up to a 30 MPH top speed, and it’s able to take on 23 percent grades with up to 60 miles of range from every charge of its 1kWh battery.

Both new Segways feature an 8.7″ wide deck, double-wishbone suspension front and rear, 10.5″ pneumatic tires, disc brakes front and rear (with regen/motor braking at the rear), integrated lighting, brake lights, and turn signals. All weather riding is also possible thanks to Segway’s IPX5-level waterproofing for the body and IPX7-rated battery pack.

Prices for the P65 start at $1,199, while bigger, badder Segway P100S starts at $1,599. Segway says the scoots are in production now, with shipping set to begin in October.


Segway P Series Premium KickScooter




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