BikaBahn Launches Premium Electric Bike at Electrify Expo in Denver
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BikaBahn Launches Premium Electric Bike at Electrify Expo in Denver

Bikabahn step thru white electric bike in sunset
  • BikaBahn electric bikes offer flat-free tires, suspension systems, and adjustable handlebars and seats for a comfortable, reliable ride.
  • The e-bike includes an LCD display, five levels of pedal assist, a 1/2 twist throttle, and integrated lights for a customizable and safe riding experience.
  • Based on feedback from SmartBike users, BikaBahn focuses on low maintenance, reliability, and durability, with thoroughly tested components.

BikaBahn, Denver’s newest eBike company, is excited to announce the launch of its first electric bike this weekend at the Electrify Expo in Denver. On July 13th and 14th, BikaBahn will debut its leading commuter bike designed to make city commuting easier and more reliable than ever.

BikaBahn blue and red step-thru electric bikes
BikaBahn electric bike features a step-thru design.

BikaBahn bikes are designed by passionate startup entrepreneurs who are avid cyclists. The founders have traveled the world, biking on every continent. They’ve gathered extensive knowledge and experience in bike ergonomics, design, and public bike-sharing systems. BikaBahn is supported by SmartBike, India’s largest and most awarded bike share company.


The company offers premium bikes that are designed for ergonomic comfort, durability, and low maintenance. Although BikaBahn is new, they have deep roots in the bike-sharing industry and have used their experience to develop a unique product with features not found in other e-bikes.

The BikaBahn Difference

What sets BikaBahn apart from other eBikes? For starters, it’s the attention to detail and the focus on the rider’s experience. “We’ve poured our hearts into designing a bike that caters to the needs of urban commuters,” says Dharmin Dontamsetti, Founder and CEO of BikaBahn. “Our goal is to make commuting easier, more enjoyable, and more sustainable for everyone.”

BikaBahn step-thru ebike in red.

The BikaBahn Class 2 electric bicycle showcases this dedication. With flat-free tires, riders can say goodbye to the worry of getting flats. The strong aluminum alloy wheels protect the motor, ensuring a long-lasting and sturdy ride. These features make BikaBahn a great choice for anyone looking for a dependable electric commuter bike.

Comfort Meets Technology

Comfort and control are crucial for any commuter bike, and BikaBahn excels in both areas. The step-thru electric bike features suspension systems on both the front and rear seat-posts to absorb shocks, ensuring a smooth ride on various terrains. With adjustable handlebars and seats, it accommodates riders of all sizes, providing a personalized and comfortable fit for everyone.


The BikaBahn e-bike features an advanced LCD display that keeps riders informed about their speed, battery life, and riding mode. You can easily switch between five levels of pedal assist and manual riding using the 1/2 twist throttle. This makes it perfect for all kinds of commutes. Plus, safety is taken seriously with built-in front and rear lights for better visibility during night rides.

Customer-Centric Approach

The BikaBahn electric bike for adults is the product of extensive feedback from thousands of SmartBike users. “We’ve listened to our customers and used their insights to create a bike that’s low-maintenance, reliable, and durable,” says Dontamsetti. Each part of the BikaBahn e-bike has been thoroughly tested to make sure it meets top quality standards.

Join the BikaBahn Movement

This weekend, BikaBahn invites all e-bike enthusiasts and curious commuters to visit their booth (411) at the Electrify Expo in Denver. This is your chance to see the electric assist bike up close, learn about its features, and even take it for a test ride. As Dontamsetti puts it, “We’re excited to share our vision of the future of commuting with everyone. Come and experience the BikaBahn difference.”

For more information, please visit BikaBahn’s website or Instagram.



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