ProLogium Launches World's First Gigawatt-Level Solid-State Lithium Ceramic Battery Factory
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ProLogium Launches World’s First Gigawatt-Level Solid-State Lithium Ceramic Battery Factory

Image showcasing ProLogium’s Taoke plant not only serves as the best demonstration for scaled production but is also the design prototype for its future global expansion, especially the design of the Dunkirk gigafactory - solid-state battery
  • ProLogium debuted a groundbreaking 106Ah solid-state battery tailored for electric vehicles, showcasing advanced manufacturing and commercial viability.
  • The Taoke factory aims to produce batteries for 26,000 electric vehicles worldwide, positioning ProLogium as a key player in the global transition to electric mobility since its production launch in late 2023.
  • ProLogium’s alignment with France’s “France 2030” plan underscores its commitment to energy-efficient transportation, backed by support from governmental figures like Chief Secretary Chih-Ching Yang and Taoyuan City Mayor Shan-zheng Zhang.

ProLogium Technology, a global leader in solid-state battery innovation, has achieved a huge feat with the launch of its Taoke factory in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. This significant milestone not only signifies a giant leap forward for ProLogium but also sets a precedent for the entire battery industry worldwide.


The grand opening ceremony was attended by distinguished dignitaries, including Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Chih-Ching Yang, Director of the French Office in Taipei Franck Paris, and Taoyuan City Mayor Shan-zheng Zhang. Together, they celebrated the establishment of the world’s first large-scale solid-state lithium ceramic battery facility, showcasing Taiwan’s prowess in technological innovation.

Vincent Yang, the visionary CEO of ProLogium, expressed his profound enthusiasm, stating, “After 17 years of dedicated effort, ProLogium is thrilled to introduce next-generation solid-state batteries. Our journey has been characterized by overcoming technological hurdles and innovating new designs to redefine the future of battery technology.”

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of the revolutionary 106Ah solid-state battery designed specifically for electric vehicles (EVs). This achievement not only highlights ProLogium’s advanced manufacturing technology but also demonstrates the commercial viability of solid-state batteries in the automotive sector.

Image showcasing ProLogium Technology grandly hosted the opening press conference for its Taoke plant - solid-state battery
ProLogium Technology hosted the opening press conference for its Taoke plant.

The Taoke factory, with a planned capacity of 2GWh, is strategically positioned to meet the growing demand for solid-state batteries, estimated to power up to 26,000 electric vehicles. Since commencing production in late 2023, the facility has been gearing up to distribute high-capacity solid-state batteries for electric vehicles on a global scale, positioning ProLogium as a key player in the transition to electric mobility.

Chief Secretary Chih-Ching Yang underscored the strategic importance of ProLogium’s advancements, emphasizing, “The Ministry of Economic Affairs is closely monitoring ProLogium’s global endeavors. The establishment of a demonstration plant is pivotal for showcasing the capabilities of ProLogium’s solid-state batteries.”


Mayor Shan-zheng Zhang echoed these sentiments, expressing his delight at ProLogium’s decision to establish its base in Taoyuan City. He emphasized the significant economic opportunities the Taoke factory brings to the local community, including the potential creation of 1,200 job opportunities.

The Taoke factory not only symbolizes ProLogium’s commitment to technological excellence but also serves as a testament to Taiwan’s leadership in sustainable energy solutions. Furthermore, ProLogium’s inclusion in France’s ambitious “France 2030” plan underscores its alignment with global efforts to promote energy-efficient transportation solutions.

Image showcasing exclusively developed by ProLogium, the Logithium rotary web printing machine is one of its kind globally - sold-state battery
The Logithium rotary web printing machine, developed exclusively by ProLogium, is unmatched worldwide.

Franck Paris, Director of the French Office in Taipei, commended ProLogium’s contribution to bilateral cooperation, stating, “ProLogium has elevated Taiwan’s standing in France and vice versa. This partnership exemplifies a success story of international collaboration and innovation.”

ProLogium’s solid-state battery technology promises enhanced safety and performance, positioning it as a frontrunner in the global automotive industry’s transition towards electrification. With continuous advancements expected to boost battery performance and cut down costs, ProLogium is ready to change the future of transportation worldwide.



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