Future of EV Batteries: ProLogium & MAHLE's Joint Venture for Solid-State Battery Technology
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Future of EV Batteries: ProLogium & MAHLE’s Joint Venture for Solid-State Battery Technology

Image of MAHLE system competence in thermal management
  • ProLogium and MAHLE signed an MOU to develop cutting-edge solid-state battery solutions for EVs.
  • ProLogium achieved double the energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries, extending EV driving range and reducing charging times.
  • ProLogium plans to invest €5 billion in a new solid-state battery factory in France, boosting green transportation in the region.

In an exciting move towards cleaner and more efficient transportation, ProLogium and MAHLE have joined hands to develop cutting-edge solid-state battery solutions for electric vehicles (EVs). The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two industry leaders marks a significant milestone in the quest for safer, more powerful, and longer-lasting EV batteries.

ProLogium and MAHLE: A Perfect Match

As pioneers in their respective fields, ProLogium and MAHLE share a common vision of driving innovation in clean transportation. The collaboration between these two powerhouses aims to accelerate the adoption of solid-state battery technology and pave the way for the future of EVs.

Enhancing Solid-State Battery Technology

Image of ProLogium's large format design for better heat dissipation and simplified cooling system design.

One of the primary objectives of this partnership is to develop a thermal management system tailored explicitly for ProLogium’s advanced solid-state batteries. The unique oxide ceramic electrolytes used by ProLogium provide higher heat conductivity and thermal stability, demanding a fresh approach to heat dissipation and thermal management.


Moreover, ProLogium has made groundbreaking progress in the development of solid-state battery packs with double the energy density of conventional lithium-ion batteries. This remarkable achievement will have a transformative impact on the electric vehicle industry, as it promises to significantly extend the driving range of EVs while reducing charging times. The increased energy density will undoubtedly make electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

ProLogium Solid-State Battery Technology: Enhanced Range, Safety, and Faster Charging

Image of ProLogium's exclusive solution in a Tesla Model 3 - Cell is Module (CIM)

Solid-state battery technology has been making remarkable strides in the automotive sector. With improvements in energy density, these batteries offer significantly enhanced range for EVs, addressing one of the key concerns for widespread electric vehicle adoption. As ProLogium and MAHLE work together to further optimize solid-state batteries, we can expect even greater progress in extending EV driving ranges, providing more convenience and peace of mind to electric vehicle owners.

Additionally, solid-state batteries have shown remarkable advancements in terms of safety. Unlike traditional lithium-ion batteries that use liquid electrolytes, solid-state batteries utilize solid electrolytes. This feature makes them less prone to thermal runaway and reduces the risk of fire incidents, ensuring a higher level of safety for EV users and passengers.


Faster charging is another notable benefit of solid-state battery technology. Due to their unique design and properties, solid-state batteries can handle higher charging rates without compromising safety or performance. This means that future electric vehicles equipped with solid-state batteries will be able to charge more rapidly, reducing charging times and enhancing the overall convenience of electric mobility.

Investment in France to Boost Solid-State Battery Production

In a major development, ProLogium has announced plans to invest €5 billion in building a new solid-state battery factory in France. This substantial investment underscores ProLogium’s commitment to advancing solid-state battery technology and strengthening its presence in the European market. The new factory is expected to contribute significantly to the local economy, create job opportunities, and further accelerate the adoption of green transportation in the region.

Partnership and Investment from VinFast

Adding to the momentum, VinFast, the Vietnamese automotive manufacturer, has partnered with ProLogium and made a strategic investment in the solid-state battery technology company. This partnership signifies a growing interest in the potential of solid-state batteries to revolutionize the automotive industry. VinFast’s involvement will likely propel the development and commercialization of solid-state battery solutions, making them a reality for future electric vehicles.

Working with France to Determine Battery Project Subsidies

Vincent Yang, CEO and founder of ProLogium Technology, has been actively collaborating with France to determine battery project subsidies. This partnership with the French government not only highlights the importance of international cooperation in advancing clean energy solutions but also showcases ProLogium’s dedication to fostering a sustainable future for electric mobility.


The Path to Commercial Viability

To achieve commercially viable solid-state battery solutions, ProLogium and MAHLE will conduct extensive cell tests focused on thermal properties. This collaborative research will enable the development of a cutting-edge thermal management system that enhances the performance and lifespan of ProLogium’s solid-state batteries.

Vincent Yang’s commitment to working with governments and industry players exemplifies the shared goal of ProLogium and MAHLE to drive clean transportation through innovative battery solutions. This partnership signifies a crucial step forward in shaping a revolutionary battery value chain, which is essential for the industrialization of solid-state batteries.

Towards Safer and More Efficient EV Batteries: The ProLogium MAHLE Solid-State Battery Collaboration

The “ProLogium-MAHLE” solid-state battery pack prototypes will be developed after rigorous evaluations of ProLogium’s solid-state batteries with 100% SiOx anode. Leveraging MAHLE’s profound expertise in developing advanced thermal management systems, the collaboration aims to create EV battery solutions with improved energy density, chargeability, and unparalleled safety, stability, and performance.

By combining cutting-edge solid-state battery technology with innovative thermal management, this partnership will push the boundaries of EV performance and lead us into an era of cleaner and more sustainable transportation.

The alliance between ProLogium and MAHLE brings together two pioneering companies with a shared vision: to drive clean transportation with innovative battery solutions. The development of solid-state battery technology, along with ProLogium’s groundbreaking achievement of double energy density, significant investments from VinFast, and the continuous advancement of solid-state battery technology, further strengthens the potential of solid-state batteries in shaping the future of electric vehicles. Through this collaboration, ProLogium’s dedication to work with governments like France, and MAHLE’s expertise in thermal management systems, are paving the way for a revolution in the EV industry, where safety, efficiency, and performance go hand in hand.


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