Cox Automotive's New EV Battery Solutions Hub in Georgia
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Cox Automotive’s New EV Battery Solutions Hub in Georgia

Image showcasing Cox Automotive Charges Forward With New EV Battery Solutions Facility in Georgia
  • Cox Automotive opens a new EV battery solutions center in Conyers, GA, reinforcing commitment to the US EV market, especially in Georgia’s high-growth region.
  • Expansion cements Cox Automotive’s global leadership in integrated battery services, offering flexible support for OEMs to drive EV growth.
  • Comprehensive services and strategic facilities ensure top-notch support for the evolving electric vehicle market.

Cox Automotive, a global leader in EV battery solutions, reinforces its commitment to advancing electric vehicle (EV) technology with the opening of its latest EV Battery Solutions service center in Conyers, Georgia. Positioned strategically in the Southeastern United States, this expansion comes amidst Georgia’s thriving EV market, marked by significant investments from automakers and battery manufacturers.


Lea Malloy, Assistant Vice President of EV Battery Solutions at Cox Automotive, highlights the importance of this geographical expansion, stating, “The geographic expansion of our EV battery service network reinforces our dedication to both our customers and the growth of the new and used electric vehicle market in the U.S.”

Malloy emphasizes Cox Automotive’s leading position in integrated battery caretaking services, stating, “As the leading provider of integrated battery caretaking services globally, we offer adaptable capacity and logistical expertise that liberates OEM resources to concentrate on new product development and essential customer engagement, further propelling EV growth.”

Cox Automotive’s proficiency in overseeing the complete lifecycle of EV batteries is unparalleled. From efficiently managing industry-wide recalls to promptly addressing emergency battery-related incidents, the company has solidified its position as the indisputable leader in EV battery lifecycle management.


The suite of EV battery solutions provided by Cox Automotive encompasses a wide array of services aimed at maximizing the durability and sustainability of EV batteries. These services, including storage, logistics, diagnostics, repair, and remanufacturing, are carried out across Cox Automotive’s global network of EV battery service facilities.

“Through our dedication to practices that prolong the lifespan of EV batteries and advocate for end-of-life reuse and recovery treatments, Cox Automotive stands at the forefront of sustainable EV battery solutions,” remarks Malloy.

Cox Automotive’s strategically located EV battery service facilities span key regions, including Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Belleville, Michigan; Las Vegas, Nevada; Conyers, Georgia; Ede, Netherlands, and select Manheim operating locations. This expansive network ensures swift and efficient support for OEMs and dealerships worldwide.



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