The New Michigan-Made Semi-Solid State EV “Swift” Battery With 73% More Range
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The New Michigan-Made Semi-Solid State EV “Swift” Battery With 73% More Range

Swift Battery by Enpower Greentech
  • The Swift 72 kWh EV battery is designed for Class 1 commercial EV trucks. 
  • The battery has been for sale since November 2023. 
  • Enpower Greentech manufactures the battery in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to help OEMs meet the current tax credit requirements. 

It’s no surprise that the latest innovation in new EV battery technology is coming from Michigan, the home of the automobile. Ann Arbor’s Enpower Greentech has designed a battery pack for Class 1 commercial EV — essentially, light-duty commercial trucks weighing up to 6,000 pounds. 


The Long-Range “Swift” Battery

Enpower Greentech designed a semi-solid state battery named a “Swift” battery with less liquid electrolyte, which makes it chemically safer compared to lithium-ion batteries

Having less liquid electrolyte makes the battery lighter and more powerful, making it especially useful for commercial vehicles, which have to stay within weight limits. Enpower Greentech showcased a 72 kWh Swift EV pack in December, sharing that the new battery has a range of 190 miles. 

After the first round of testing, the battery proved to have 73% more range than a typical lithium-ion 72 kWh battery pack. Fortunately, Enpower Greentech has had the Swift battery for sale since November 2023.

Reducing Range Anxiety in Commercial EV Fleets

The CTO and co-founder of Enpower Greentech, Dr. Yong Che said about the battery, “Commercial and passenger EV companies can increase vehicle range significantly, as the Swift platform has shown. We are excited about this promising solution for electric vehicles. A 73% range boost should encourage OEM manufacturers to consider how they can provide an energy/safety matrix to their end-users and help speed the adoption of e-mobility.”

Lighter batteries with longer range, like the Swift battery, will help EV drivers reduce their range anxiety. When commercial companies turn to an EV fleet, they need to lower their charging costs and help their drivers get to their destinations in a reasonable time. 

Scheduling charging time between routes makes commercial fleets more efficient. While a standard lithium-ion car battery has been proven to be safe, occasional problems still can occur. Solid state batteries or semi-solid state batteries have proven to be safer overall. And making an EV fleet safer for commercial companies reduces costs, which is a big win for the drivers, the company, and its customers. 

Dr. Che also said about the new EV battery technology, “We know that our EV partners need their vehicles to stay on the road longer with cargo fleets that reach final destinations every time. This is why safety and energy density are the dual-driving forces that push our R&D teams forward.”

About Enpower Greentech

Enpower Greentech, Inc. develops and commercializes solid-state batteries that are manufactured in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The batteries are designed for OEM partners and e-mobility companies. The goal is to help OEMs meet the requirements set forth by the Inflation Reduction Act — especially the newest changes that provide tax credits to EVs that use battery components manufactured in the U.S. Empower Greentech has offices in Germany, China, Japan, Detroit, and San Jose.



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