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Bandit9 is T-1000’s Vespa

Bandit9’s Nano e-scooter proving us wrong and looking like it belongs in a museum, or at least being ridden by the T-1000.

Admittedly, everything from Vietnamese brand Bandit9 has that swoopy futuristic look, so the Nano’s design feels like an extension of that aesthetic with its 904L stainless steel fairing polished to look like silver or mercury. Another neat thing to note is that Bandit9 is very, very clear about wanting the Nano to be the Vespa-killer. From its website:

“Vespa has gone uncontested for decades. There simply is no other choice; they’re beautiful, classic and affordable. We love, fear and admire them. And now we’re going to fight them.”

In addition to wanting to snipe the urban buyer away from Vespa, the Nano contains a 4.2 kWh removable battery that powers the 4 kW rear hub motor. That battery can be recharged in just four hours, which makes this also a rather practical commuter that also still manages to look like it belongs on a platform next to a Brancusi sculpture.

The base model Nano can get up to 27 mph and has a range of 60 miles, while the Nano+ can hit 43 mph and reach the same range. It weighs just over 260 pounds, weighing about the same as the Ola S1 over in India.

Both versions of the Nano are up for preorder on the Bandit9 website, priced at $4,499 for the regular Nano and $4,990 for the Nano+. No word yet on a shipping date, but we’re jazzed to eventually see this thing on the roads hopefully next year.


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