Your E-bike Wants a Litelok X
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Your E-bike Wants a Litelok X

British company Litelok has made a name for itself with its bike locks, and the brand is branching out into U-locks perfect for e-bikes.

The Litelok X uses a high-tensile steel core that would be able to put up resistance against cable cutters, hammers, chisels, and the like. The new model is supposed to be the most resistant to angle grinders than any other lock on the market. It also has a “unique anti-rotation feature [that] protects against twisting attacks and single cuts.” To ward off bandits who come armed with angle grinders, the lock has a coating made of a patent-pending ceramic composite dubbed Barronium. This composite is allegedly tougher than the grinder discs themselves, which should cause them to wear down before they can cut through the lock.

Obviously, you don’t want to scratch up your e-bike‘s paint with a rough-and-tumble lock, do you? So the Litelok X has an outer coating of plant-based rubber to add a little more cutting resistance but to also reduce rattling and keep the lock from nicking your bike’s frame.

The X1 is reputedly five times more resistant to angle grinders than other locks and weighs 3.7 pounds. This BAMF of a lock costs $179.99. Though it’s not released yet, the upcoming X3 lock claims to be 15 times more resistant to angle grinders than the rest of the U locks out there, and it will weigh 4.2 pounds. That one will cost a whopping $299.99. Whew.

But we guess that’s still a lot cheaper than having to replace any e-bike that might get stolen, right?


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