First GM Community Charging Dealer Online

First GM Community Charging Dealer Online

GM’s community EV charging program has its first North American dealer

The first GM dealer has officially installed its L2 chargers yesterday, officially launching the Dealer Community Charging Program.

General Motors first revealed its Dealer Community Charging Program about a year ago. At the time, it announced plans to install up to 40,000 Level 2 chargers across North America, and said it would work with, “policymakers, community leaders, and industry groups” to accelerate the deployment of publicly available chargers and improve charging access for consumers who don’t have access to at-home charging.

“These two initiatives are part of our plan to put everyone in an EV, making access to charging even more seamless than before,” said GM President Mark Reuss. “We want to give customers the right tools and access to charging where and when they need it, while working with our dealer network to accelerate the expansion of accessible charging throughout the US and Canada, including in underserved rural and urban areas.”

The program is an extension of its Ultium Charge 360 ecosystem, and (presumably) will fall under the umbrella of GM Energy, the company’s new venture that promises to integrate solar power, home and commercial battery storage, V2G, and V2x technology, and smart grid integration to expand EV charging access and support the national energy grid. This is particularly needed in, what GM calls, “underserved, rural, and urban communities.”

GM’s partner dealers will be installing Ultium-branded Level 2 charging stations throughout their communities, focusing on high dwell-time opportunities like workplaces, apartments, college campuses, and movie theaters.


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