Lucid Gravity is the Next Frontier of Luxury Electric SUVs - Range, Performance, Efficiency, and Holistic Experience
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Lucid Gravity is the Next Frontier of Luxury Electric SUVs – Range, Performance, Efficiency, and Holistic Experience

Lucid Gravity parked in front of a building with modern architecture
  • The new Lucid Gravity is the dawn of a new era for electric Sport Utility Vehicles, with a projected range over 440 miles.
  • Lucid proved itself with the Lucid Air, a highly acclaimed luxury EV sedan; now, Gravity introduces Lucid to the SUV market.
  • Lucid Gravity will be available in late 2024. Like Lucid Air, it will cost under $80,000.

Lucid Group, Inc., renowned for its mastery of luxury electric vehicles, is set to release the Lucid Gravity, a luxury electric SUV in 2024. This latest offering builds on the groundbreaking innovations introduced in the award-winning Lucid Air sedan, recipient of the 2023 World Luxury Car Award. The Lucid Gravity SUV represents both luxury and performance without any compromises. It comfortably accommodates up to seven adults and their luggage while offering a projected driving range of over 440 miles. The Lucid Gravity graced the stage at the Los Angeles Auto Show, marking its public debut, and it is set to go into production in late 2024.

Lucid Gravity driving on dirt road with bike on back

“The Gravity SUV represents a significant leap forward for Lucid’s world-leading technology and design. Customers will find an unprecedented combination of space and maneuverability, luxury, and versatility, all seamlessly integrated into one remarkable vehicle with the driving experience and range of a true Lucid,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO at Lucid. “Lucid’s innovative proprietary EV powertrain technology and our holistic approach to vehicle engineering already enabled the Air sedan to redefine what was thought possible from a luxury sports sedan. With Gravity, these innovations evolved and our next generation technology is applied with even greater effect, resulting in an electric SUV that can achieve over 440 miles¹ of range with a battery pack a little more than half the size of some of our battery-hungry competitors.”

Gravity’s Design is a Delicate Balance of Form and Function

“At Lucid, we believe in pushing the boundaries of design. We have leaned into this belief to maximize spaciousness, aerodynamic efficiency, and utility, resulting in an electric SUV with a previously unseen blend of attributes,” said Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President of Design and Brand at Lucid. “Whether it’s a cargo-swallowing SUV for family camping trips or a long-range grand tourer covering hundreds of miles between stops, Gravity is designed to be versatile. Our team’s dedication to creating an SUV that seamlessly fuses form and function has resulted in a vehicle that’s visually striking, incredibly versatile, and provides an elevated luxury driving experience.”


Lucid’s unwavering commitment to design excellence, spacious interiors, and versatility significantly sets Gravity apart from its competition. The exterior design choices profoundly reflect Gravity’s seamless fusion of aesthetics and utility. An emphasis on efficiency has resulted in a targeted drag coefficient of less than 0.24, an aerodynamic profile unsurpassed by other three-row SUVs. The Gravity exhibits a commanding presence, bolstered by a substantial frunk, a sleek profile, an elongated cabin, pronounced shoulders, and a sporty tail spoiler. These features collectively showcase Gravity’s capability to meet the diverse needs of daily drivers. It is not just an SUV but a testament to Lucid’s dedication to uncompromising luxury, performance, and efficiency.

Interior Versatility and Innovative Technology in the Lucid Gravity

Lucid Gravity front seat view, looking at steering wheel, font console and window

Inside, the Gravity does not disappoint, impressing passengers with its ample and flexible cargo areas. The cabin exudes a sense of space, offering generous seating arrangements that are both comfortable and versatile. The additional convenience of second and third-row seats that fold flat reveals more than 112 cubic feet of total usable cargo space, effortlessly combining comfort and cargo capacity. The clever design of sliding second-row seats, combined with integrated convenience tables, ensures an elevated back-seat experience. Remarkable legroom extends even to the third row, allowing for a comfortable seven-passenger configuration. This makes the Lucid Gravity not just an SUV but a versatile companion, ready to accompany its occupants on every adventure.

Gravity signifies a decisive evolution of Lucid’s user interface, known as the Clearview Cockpit. This remarkable feature includes an intuitive, 34-inch curved OLED display that seemingly floats above Gravity’s innovative new steering wheel, aligning perfectly with the driver’s line of sight. Gravity also features Lucid’s Pilot Panel, equipped with a quick-access touch bar and complemented by a new glass center console that elegantly slides open for additional storage. This SUV also introduces Lucid’s next-generation software with over-the-air updates, adding to its appeal by ensuring continuous vehicle improvement. This capability keeps Gravity at the forefront of technological advancements and enhances user experience by systematically refining and updating vehicle features.

Gravity Offers Sports Car Performance Combined With Lucid’s Impressive Driving Range

The Gravity embodies exceptional performance, backed by an innovative platform engineered for a sporty SUV experience. It houses the next generation of Lucid’s proprietary, ultra-compact powertrain technology. It features the most power-dense EV motors currently in global production and a refined version of its 900V electrical architecture. But the Gravity is more than just a luxury SUV—it’s a true juggernaut. With the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3.5 seconds, it also boasts an impressive payload capacity exceeding 1,500 pounds, supplemented by an additional towing capacity of 6,000 pounds. Thus, Gravity represents luxury, comfort, raw power, and performance.

With the Gravity SUV, performance ventures beyond the confines of paved roads as Lucid introduces its enhanced optional air suspension package, the Zero Gravity. This groundbreaking feature automatically adapts to various terrain needs, offering a seamless and comfortable ride regardless of surface conditions. Manual adjustments add to the versatility of the Gravity. It can be raised to maximize off-road capability, ensuring it can tackle the most rugged landscapes. Alternatively, the vehicle can be lowered to optimize performance and range, making it ideal for highways and city driving. The Zero Gravity package underscores Lucid’s commitment to pairing luxury and performance with unparalleled adaptability, further cementing Gravity’s position as a groundbreaking addition to the electric SUV market.


Efficiency Redefined: Lucid Gravity’s Eco-Friendly Approach to Range and Sustainability

“Lucid’s design and engineering philosophy has always prioritized doing more with less. Gravity applies this principle to offer customers more of what they need – more space, more utility, and more range – while avoiding excess battery cells, added cost of ownership, and unnecessary weight,” said Eric Bach, Senior Vice President of Product and Chief Engineer at Lucid. “We believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and with a battery pack about half the size of some competitors, Gravity is an environmentally friendly, versatile electric vehicle with the spirit of a supercar.”

Lucid Gravity Sets a New Benchmark for Electric SUVs

The Gravity SUV redefines efficiency; it pioneers new standards among SUVs with its compact, lightweight, and environmentally friendly battery pack while delivering an extraordinary range anticipated to surpass 440 miles. The Lucid Gravity’s projected range surpasses that of several other three-row electric SUVs. For instance, it outpaces the Tesla Model X (348 miles), the Kia EV9 (223 miles), the Rivian R1S (400 miles for the dual motor version), and the Volvo EX90 (370 miles) in terms of range.

Lucid Gravity’s Breakthrough in Ultra-Rapid Charging and Sustainability

This revolutionary SUV embraces the evolution of Lucid’s acclaimed 900V+ technology and ultra-rapid charging speeds, marking its spot among the fastest-charging electric vehicles worldwide. In merely 15 minutes, drivers can replenish up to 200 miles of travel distance, ensuring unparalleled convenience and drastically reducing interruptions during extensive trips. Therefore, Lucid Gravity establishes an unprecedented standard for SUVs, demonstrating that efficiency, luxury, and superior performance can coexist harmoniously.

“Gravity will take our customers farther with less batteries and therefore using less precious energy,” added Rawlinson. “Its smaller, lighter, and higher technology battery pack means fewer precious metals and minerals, less energy to charge, less electricity consumed, less pressure upon the grid, and a lighter weight and more dynamic vehicle. When we say we’re here to advance the technology, this is what we mean – this is truly sustainability in action.”

The Gravity Human Experience Goes Far Beyond Surface Luxury

Gravity’s luxury in-car experience is meticulously designed for physical comfort and mental well-being. Every element, from the carefully selected materials to the high-quality fit and finish and the thoughtful placement of accents, demonstrates sustainable crafting, intentional design, and eco-conscious selection. Moreover, Gravity’s commitment to the holistic human experience goes beyond just appealing to the immediate senses. Introducing interactive well-being features such as Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces elevates every moment spent in the Gravity.

Lucid Sanctuary provides a revolutionary set of experiences designed to induce tranquility on the go, during a drive or while parked at a charging station. Lucid Spaces, on the other hand, morphs the cabin into a serene oasis with the tap of a button, immersing occupants in the soothing ambiance of peaceful locales – like Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree. In collaboration with mindfulness experts at Meditopia, Lucid also offers a guided meditation experience, providing a personal haven for mindfulness without ever needing to leave the vehicle.

Lucid Gravity Pricing and Availability

Delivering the most advanced technology and memorable EV experiences to the largest possible audiences, Gravity is planned to be competitively priced in the full-size premium electric SUV category, with an expected starting price under $80,000. Production is expected to begin in late 2024.

Customers may register their interest in the Lucid Gravity online.



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