Lucid Introduces the Sporty and Stylish All-Electric Air Pure RWD
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Lucid Introduces the Sporty and Stylish All-Electric Air Pure RWD

Lucid Air Pure RWD parked near sand dune front side view
  • Lucid Group is offering the new Lucid Air Pure Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD), available immediately at a starting price of $77,400.
  • Lucid’s proprietary EV technology delivers greater range than other EVs, (410 miles), as well as driver-oriented performance without the cost and weight of large battery packs.
  • Lucid’s groundbreaking battery technology allows faster charging, providing owners up to 150 miles in less than 12 minutes, using DC fast charging.

Lucid Group, Inc., renowned for setting new standards in the luxury electric vehicle market, has made a splash with the launch of their latest model – the Lucid Air Pure Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD). This new addition completes the Air model lineup and continues Lucid’s award-winning legacy, with the Lucid Air recently winning the 2023 World Luxury Car Award. 

The Lucid Air Pure RWD is not just an electric vehicle; it’s a testament to the fusion of luxury and technology, boasting an impressive driving range of up to 410 miles. This model combines the brand’s signature elegant design with superior driver engagement. Offering this exceptional electric experience at a starting price of $77,400, the Lucid Air Pure RWD is set to reshape our perceptions of luxury electric mobility.

“The new Lucid Air Pure RWD has it all; style and technology, range and performance, space and practicality,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO of Lucid. “I’m delighted that the most accessible Air surpasses the range of any other electric car from any other brand. With a starting price of $77,400, I believe that this new addition to the Lucid Air lineup is the car so many have been waiting for.”

The Air Pure RWD holds the distinction of being the most aerodynamic car currently in production. Its exterior design is a perfect blend of sleekness and sportiness, a testament to Lucid’s innovative approach to electric vehicle design. The interior is equally impressive, with its design drawing inspiration from the Midcentury Modern style. The use of sustainably sourced, high-quality materials in the interior not only contributes to the car’s luxurious feel but also reinforces Lucid’s commitment to sustainability. With a spacious layout, passengers can enjoy the ultimate comfort during their journey, making the Air Pure RWD a symbol of luxury and thoughtful design in the electric vehicle market.

Lucid’s game-changing proprietary EV technology affords the Air Pure the freedom to drive longer distances with confidence, and to spend less time charging. With DC fast charging, the vehicle can add up to 150 miles in less than 12 minutes. This ability is a testament to Lucid’s commitment to efficiency and convenience, qualities that are paramount to any electric vehicle owner. Alongside the Air Pure RWD is a lineup of Lucid Air models known for their transformative range. This includes the Lucid Air Grand Touring, which currently holds the record for the longest available range in any EV as estimated by the EPA at 516 miles. The range of Lucid’s vehicles, coupled with their fast charging capabilities, highlight the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries in the electric vehicle industry.

Lucid’s relentless focus on innovation has revolutionized the driving and passenger experience in every conceivable aspect. A ground-breaking electric motor, a product of Lucid’s unique engineering and manufacturing prowess, ensures a silky-smooth, driver-focused performance. The Air Pure RWD sports an exclusive, compact battery pack – the smallest ever designed by Lucid – that affords rear-seat passengers plentiful legroom, akin to the spaciousness found in a limousine. Furthermore, the vast storage capacity of the Air Pure RWD’s trunk and frunk easily accommodates the luggage and equipment needs of a family of four on a road trip. This not only redefines the traditional boundaries of electric vehicles, but also underlines Lucid’s commitment to continual innovation and user-centric design.



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