The New FIAT 600 Hybrid Focuses on European Conquest
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The New FIAT 600 Hybrid Focuses on European Conquest

two fiat 600 parked in front of outdoor marble staircase somewhere in Italy
  • The FIAT 600 Hybrid provides an eco-friendly, low-emissions transportation solution. 
  • This hybrid-electric vehicle will feature attractive upholstery made from recycled materials. 
  • The 600 Hybrid is the automaker’s re-entry in the European B-segment. 

In 2022, FIAT sold about 1.3 million vehicles globally, but the sales in the United States were abysmal. Only 915 Fiats were sold in the United States in 2022, and in the first quarter of 2023, 138 were sold. It doesn’t appear that FIAT is doing anything to change US sales. But the automaker is creating a buzz in Europe. 

To meet the needs of European drivers, FIAT has announced a New Fiat 600e and a New Fiat 600 Hybrid. According to Stellantis, FIAT will only sell fully electric vehicles in countries where EVs are prevalent and hybrids where EV infrastructure is slow like in Italy (FIAT’s home country). 

The FIAT CEO and Stellantis Global CMO, Olivier Francois, said, “Our strategic vision remains full electric and 500e being the bestselling BEV city car in Europe fuels our determination to pursue and make electric truly accessible to all.”

Reducing Emissions

The Fiat 600 Hybrid will feature a P2 hybrid package with 100 HP and minimal carbon emissions. Drivers can choose from two trims, the entry-level Hybrid, and the exclusive Hybrid La Prima. 

The hybrid powertrain has a 0-to-60 time of about 11 seconds thanks to the instant torque from the electric motor. 

When driving in urban areas, the electric motor can function on its own, reducing emissions. The electric motor kicks in when the vehicle is traveling under 18 miles per hour or driving downhill on smooth pavement. While on the highway, drivers can release the accelerator pedal while moving downhill so the electric motor can take over, too. 

Specifications for the Fiat 600 Hybrid

The Fiat 600 is the automaker’s return to the B-segment – small cars for the European market. This stylish and sustainable car is perfect for city driving thanks to its small size. It is 13.6 feet long, has four doors, and seating for five. The trunk has about 13.5 cubic feet of space. 

Adding to the sustainability of the small car, FIAT added fabric upholstery made from eco-friendly, recycled fabric. The Hybrid La Prima trim includes driver-assistive features, including Level 2 assisted driving with highway assist, autonomous obstacle avoidance, and self-parking tech. 

The dash features a colorful Power Meter energy flow system, an e-Auto off to stop the internal combustion engine, and paddle shifters to use in manual mode.

At this time, the Fiat 600 Hybrid will only be for sale in Italy. US drivers can expect to see the Fiat 500e arrive on US shores in early 2024. Unfortunately, the automaker does not have plans to sell the 600e or 600 Hybrid in the US. 



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