The 2024 GEM LSV Lineup Wants to Redefine Low-Speed Transportation
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The 2024 GEM LSV Lineup Wants to Redefine Low-Speed Transportation

Gem LSV in red parked in front of a shop
  • The 2024 GEM LSV (low-speed electric vehicles) have received over 30 updates with the latest model year.
  • GEM’s newest LSVs feature a new electrical architecture, smoother acceleration, tighter turning radius, and an array of charging options including Li-ion batteries and solar panels.
  • The vehicles combine aesthetic and functional upgrades with a refined in-cab experience.

More and more options for electrified mobility are becoming available, so it might feel overwhelming to try to remember all that’s out there. But the 2024 electric vehicles from GEM are sure to be memorable for you. GEM parent company Waev has added dozens of new updates to the GEM LSV – that’s low-speed vehicle – to help drivers enjoy greener options with low-speed travel and have fun while getting around the neighborhood.

From Campus to City Streets: GEM’s Rise in the Low-Speed Vehicle Scene

Low-speed vehicles are a nice option for cities, suburban housing communities, and campuses. They’re street-legal with a top speed of 25 mph, meaning they’re just as fast as many e-bikes and can hold up to six people at a time, depending on the model you get. They also help create a safer road environment beside pedestrians and cyclists.

GEM has positioned itself as a front-runner in the LSV segment, especially with its low speeds, funky designs, and high visibility.

According to Keith Simon, CEO of Waev Inc., “GEM provides an affordable, accessible, convenient, and enjoyable alternative way to move.”

The Evolution of the LSV: A Shift Toward Modernity

The 2024 GEM LSV models are looking to reshape how people think about urban mobility. Thanks to an entirely new electrical architecture, these vehicles boast over 30 enhancements that redefine LSV performance and driving experience. The familiar buzz and hum of the electric motor have been refined into a quiet and smooth ride that matches the standards of modern EVs.

The introduction of one-pedal driving, smoother acceleration and deceleration, and an impressive turning radius further highlight the advancements in GEM’s design. Notably, the GEM eL XD now flaunts a turning radius 17% tighter than its previous iteration, setting the stage for nimble maneuvering and easy handling, perfect for tasks ranging from deliveries to property management.

As electric vehicles evolve, so does the spectrum of charging options. GEM’s 2024 lineup reflects this reality with a battery and charging solution for every preference. Two new AGM battery packages extend the range by an average of five miles between charges, a testament to GEM’s commitment to making electrified travel even more feasible. 

The new GEM LSV lineup now also offers lithium-ion batteries, which offer five times the battery life of AGM batteries, with options for opportunity charging, fast charging, and a seven-year warranty. This is the result of LiFePO4 technology, renowned for its reliability and safety. A GEM LSV can also include solar panels to boost driving time and reduce grid-based energy consumption.

Form Meets Function: Aesthetic and Functional Upgrades

The 2024 GEM LSV lineup is about not just technology, but also style and function. The new exterior color options, including Arctic Frost and Tidal Blue, add a touch of personality to each vehicle. Modernized badges and front fascia designs bring GEM’s aesthetics in line with contemporary standards.

Step inside, and you’ll find a refined in-cab experience featuring a new dashboard, display gauge, and key switch. This reimagined interior enhances the driving experience while ensuring seamless operation and improved visibility.

GEM: A Vision for the Future

As electric mobility continues to weave its way into our lives, the 2024 GEM LSV lineup is looking to be part of that transformation. With a comprehensive range of enhancements, from sleek design upgrades to state-of-the-art battery technology, GEM has crafted a lineup that seeks to keep all aspects of transportation in mind, including those on the road around you.



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