Canoo Announces Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle LDV 190
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Canoo Announces Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle LDV 190

LDV from Canoo parked near stairs in an urban setting
  • The Canoo LDV 190 is a Class-2 electric cargo van with an innovative cargo cartridge. 
  • Canoo expects to build 20,000 EVs at its Oklahoma City assembly plant. 
  • Canoo includes extra LED lights and an optional translucent roof panel in the LDV 190. 

The American automotive start-up Canoo has announced it is launching a new Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle. This new addition expands the company’s offerings of Class 2 electric cargo vans, bringing the company closer to its mission of providing EVs to Everyone. 

Canoo is a growing company with offices conveniently located in Michigan, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The company builds boldly-designed electric vehicles that sit atop a Multi-Purpose Platform. 

The company expects to produce 20,000 vehicles annually using its assembly plant in Oklahoma City and a battery plant in Pryor, Oklahoma. 

Similarities to the LDV 130

The LDV 190 joins the LDV 130, and it sits atop the same platform. Canoo designed the LDV 190 with a beefier suspension to handle the heavier loads commonly carried by Class 2 vehicles. Like the LDV 130, the LDV 190 uses a patented steering-by-wire system that provides dynamic handling and performance. 

For maneuverability at slow speed, especially in urban areas, Canoo built the LDV 190 with a low center of gravity. Drivers who use the LDV 130 will appreciate the same wheelbase in the LDV 190. Despite the similarities to the LDV 130, the LDV 190 does have a longer body length. 

The LDV 190 fits nicely between the LDV 190 and the upcoming MPDV (Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle). It has a small footprint and the longest EV range in its segment. 

Innovative Rear Cargo Area

Canoo shows off innovative engineering with the rear cargo cartridge in the LDV 190. The patent-pending cargo cartridge features an interchangeable rear door. They can choose a barn door, tambour door, or a split tailgate with a loading ramp. The 50/50 barn doors can have 270-degree hinges that fold against the LDV 190 body for easy access to the cargo area. 

Shoppers can also choose an optional step bumper for easy access to the 172 cubic feet of cargo space. They can also add extra cargo space by choosing the single-seat version. 

Maximizing Safety and Space in the LDV 190

Canoo focused on maximizing space and increased safety in the LDV 190. Engineers added an additional LED light for more visibility and support for the increased cargo volume. The company offers optional translucent roof panels for more natural light. 

Canoo offers available shelving systems and storage bins along with an optional sliding cargo floor with a 1000-pound capacity. 

Partnerships with Canoo EVs

Canoo has already signed contracts with a handful of partners. The company signed an agreement with the US Defense Innovation Unit to work in their Jumpstart for Advanced Battery Standardization program.

NASA and Canoo also have a partnership, as Canoo developed and delivered three Crew Transportation Vehicles to bring astronauts to the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center. The fully-suited astronauts along with the flight support group and their equipment will ride in a Canoo CTV for nine miles to the launch complex.

Back in October 2022, Zeeba – a fleet leasing provider – agreed to purchase over 5,000 EVs. Approximately 3,000 of them will be Canoo LDVs. Zeeba will lease the LDVs to small and medium businesses around the US. 



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