16 Tesla Cybertruck Accessories You Probably Haven't Heard About
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16 Tesla Cybertruck Accessories You Probably Haven’t Heard About

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - OMFG decal
  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t mention most of the Cybertruck accessories during the launch event.
  • Tesla offers a wide variety of Cybertruck accessories for different purposes, including camping and everyday use.
  • Cybertruck accessories include a spare tire, tent, tailgate ramp, sunshade, storage bins, and more.

You may have missed the large number of Cybertruck accessories that are available, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk didn’t mention most of them during the launch event.

1. Paint Protection Film

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - white paint protection film

Tesla offers the option to have your Cybertruck wrapped with paint protection film. Currently available in black and white at $6,500, or Satin Clear Paint Film, available for $5,000 inclusive of installation costs.


2. Tailgate Ramp

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - tailgate ramp

The Tailgate Ramp, available for $400, is Tesla’s solution for loading wheeled cargo into the bed. While the ramp is certainly practical, it’s worth noting that loading a four-wheeled cargo like an ATV would require not one but two ramps.

3. Crossbars

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - crossbars

Tesla introduced roof-mounted crossbars, priced at $800, which pave the way for transporting various equipment on the Cybertruck’s roof. These crossbars allow you to mount bicycles, kayaks, rooftop cargo boxes, and more securely to the roof.

4. Bumper Protector

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - bumper protector

For an affordable price of $80, this thin rubber liner is designed to protect the rear bumper from potential scratches and wear. It provides an extra layer of protection to the areas most prone to damage during loading and unloading.

5. Tent

Tesla Cybertruck provides a family a camping experience

The Basecamp tent is one of the noteworthy Cybertruck accessories that retails for $2,975. It ingeniously converts the Cybertruck’s bed into a comfortable sleeping quarter for the night. One of the most eye-catching attributes of this tent is its unique fold-up design. When not in use, the tent can be easily folded up and mounted at the rear of the bed.


6. Stainless Steel Cleaner

There have also been murmurs that Tesla might introduce a specialized cleaning product specifically designed to keep the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exterior free from unsightly fingerprints. Intriguingly, online reports have speculated about Tesla Service Centers employing a Tesla-branded product called ‘Cybershield.’ However, this product has not yet surfaced for sale in the company’s official online store.

7. Sunshade

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - glass rood sunshade

Tesla has introduced a sunshade for the vehicle’s expansive glass roof. Retailing at $115, this sunshade significantly reduces the amount of light permeating the cabin, blocking approximately two-thirds of it while maintaining a degree of transparency to ensure safety. The sunshade features a collapsible rigid frame, which can be neatly folded away and stored in a provided zippered pouch when not in use.

8. Center Console Tray and Underseat Storage Bin

Image showcasing 2024 Tesla Cybertruck wireless charging

A handy $40 center console tray provides an ideal solution for storing smaller items and keeping them within easy reach. An additional enhancement is the under-seat storage bin designed for the rear bench, priced at $250. This accessory takes advantage of the ample empty space beneath the Cybertruck’s backseat, turning it into a practical storage area.

9. Floor Mats

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - all-weather floor mats

Naturally, Tesla has kept in mind the need for floor mats in their Cybertruck accessories offering. You can opt for tailor-made carpet mats priced at $155, or if you prefer increased protection, you can go for all-weather rubber liners at $295. The latter bears similarity to the WeatherTech brand of floor coverings, making them a more suitable option if you plan to take your Cybertruck off the beaten path.


10. Cargo Divider and Molle Panels

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - vault cargo dividers

To fully utilize the Cybertruck’s capabilities, you may find great use in these official accessories designed for the vehicle’s bed, or as Tesla prefers to call it – the vault. One such accessory is a meticulously crafted cargo divider, priced at $350. This divider seamlessly integrates with the Cybertruck’s uniquely angular bed, enhancing storage organization within the vault. Additionally, Tesla offers custom-fit Molle panels, which are priced at $250 each. These panels can be mounted on the inner side walls of the bed to provide vertical storage solutions.

11. Vault Cargo Bins

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - vault cargo bins

The Vault Cargo Bins are perhaps the most valuable deal so far for a Cybertruck accessory. These are sold in packs of three for $250, designed to fit snugly and securely in the bed, which is capable of holding up to six bins in total.

12. Hooks, Cleats, and D-Rings

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - hooks cleats d-rings

Tesla has also introduced hardware to maximize the utility of the Cybertruck’s bed L-track. For a modest price of $25, customers can secure a pair of robust hooks and a single cleat, instrumental in securing and organizing cargo. For those who require more versatility in their cargo management, Tesla offers a pair of D-rings for $40 that can be mounted in 10 different locations around the bed. The inclusion of an L-track bottle opener accessory, priced at $25, may surprise you. Gear locker dividers, priced at $45, ensure that items remain secure and undamaged in the truck’s concealed boot.

13. Spare Tire and Chains

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck - spare tire and tools

The practice of excluding spare tires from EVs is commonplace to minimize weight. Tesla offers an optional spare tire and tool kit for $1,250. This kit, designed for convenient placement in the Cybertruck’s bed, includes a Goodyear tire, a vinyl cover, and D-rings for attachment. A comprehensive toolset is included for on-the-go tire changes. XD-16 Pro snow chains by Italian specialists KÖNIG are available for winter weather.


14. Air Compressor Ultra and Tire Repair Kit

Tesla offers the Air Compressor Ultra and Tire Repair Kit at $550. Although the 2019 Cybertruck concept showcased a built-in air compressor (an inclusion in the production Rivian R1T), the production model lacks this feature.

15. Wheel Covers

Cybertruck owners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that replacement wheel covers are quite cost-effective at just $75 each. This is a fairly reasonable price when considering that these are based on a more intricate two-piece design compared to other wheel covers offered by Tesla.

16. OMFG Decal

Image showcasing Tesla Cybertruck Accessories - OMFG decal

The most hilarious of all of the Cybertruck accessories is inspired by Cybertruck’s infamous launch event stunt. This limited-edition vinyl decal represents a cracked window.



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