Hyundai Mobis MOBION EV with e-Corner System Allows Sideways Movement on All Four Wheels
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Hyundai Mobis MOBION EV with e-Corner System Allows Sideways Movement on All Four Wheels

Image showcasing Hyundai Mobis Introducing MOBION and Its Core Electric Vehicle Technologies at CES 2024
  • Hyundai Mobis unveiled the MOBION EV with a revolutionary ‘e-Corner System’ for unique movement capabilities at CES 2024.
  • The MOBION EV features an Innovative Transparent Display that projects driving information on the front windshield, enhancing safety and convenience.
  • Hyundai Mobis developed a 22kW Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU) to significantly speed up EV charging and enable vehicle-to-grid (V2G) activities.

At CES 2024, global automotive supplier Hyundai Mobis introduced the MOBION electric vehicle (EV), equipped with their ‘e-Corner System’ motion technology. MOBION showcased unprecedented movement capabilities, including lateral, diagonal motion, and stationary pivot turns, captivating visitors and customers alike.

Image showcasing Hyundai Mobis Mobion Technology concept electric SUV Car at CES 2024

According to Vice President Lee Seung-Hwan, Head of Advanced Engineering at Hyundai Mobis, MOBION embodies the company’s core technologies, all ready for mass production, and represents their commitment to reshaping the mobility landscape. The vehicle’s e-Corner System, driven by “In-Wheel” technology, allows individual control of each wheel, enabling dynamic maneuvers.

Additionally, MOBION incorporates autonomous driving sensors, lamp technologies, and a “Ground Projection” function, emphasizing safety and practicality. By presenting a fully functional demonstration car, Hyundai Mobis aims to make its advanced technologies tangible and accessible to the real world.


Innovative Display Technology

But, the technology that is expected to garner the most attention is the Innovative Transparent Display. The trend-setting display technology includes an in-vehicle rollable display, a swivel display, a Quantum Dot and Local Dimming Display, and a 3D display with OLED-level LCD technology.

Image showcasing Hyundai Mobis Technology innovative transparent display at CES 2024

The tech we’re hoping to see arrive in new Hyundai vehicles soon is the transparent display. The next-gen technology uses holographic optical elements to project driving information on a transparent panel. Think of a head-up display but with more width and depth.

With a transparent display, drivers no longer have to look to the center console for information. The transparent display can be projected and magnified on the front windshield, increasing safety on the road. As the images are holographic, drivers won’t have to worry about the brightness that comes from illuminating modern head-up displays on dark windshields.


Increasing Charging Speed

A common gripe among current and future EV owners is charging speed, and Hyundai has developed technology to curb the complaints: a 22kW ICCU. The integrated charging control unit is vital for charging the EV battery and converting the power to other electrical systems. Most EVs have an 11kW ICCU, but Hyundai Mobis will feature a 22kW unit in Las Vegas in early January.

The 22kW ICCU will speed up charging without altering vehicle specifications. EVs can only charge as fast as the vehicle and charging station allow. For example, if you have a typical EV with an 11kW ICCU, your EV can only take a maximum of 11kW of energy per hour, if your charger delivers that much. If you have a 77kWh battery, you’ll need about seven hours to charge with a Level 2 charger. However, if you’ve got a 22kW ICCU and your Level 2 charger can deliver 22kW per hour, you’ll only need 3.5 hours to fill your 77kWh battery.

The new ICCU doesn’t just take power from charging stations, it can also be used for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) activities. EV owners can use their vehicle’s batteries as portable generators. This faster technology is ready for mass production.



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