Kia America Powers Ahead with Record-Breaking Sales in September

Kia America Powers Ahead with Record-Breaking Sales in September

Image showcasing Kia EV9 at Electrify Expo
  • Record Sales: Kia America achieved its best-ever third quarter sales of over 210,000 units, contributing to a total of 604,674 units in the first nine months of the year.
  • Surging BEV Sales: Kia’s battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) saw a staggering 127% year-over-year sales increase in September, setting a new record.
  • Exciting Future: Kia has exciting plans, including launching the 2024 Kia EV9 with a starting price of $54,900, participating in events like Electrify Expo Miami, and taking on the Rebelle Rally in a 2023 Telluride XPro SUV.

Kia America is on fire, and I’m not just talking about their car designs! In an industry that’s evolving faster than a Tesla on Ludicrous mode, Kia has found its groove, setting new records and electrifying the market.

Image showcasing Kia Sportage at Electrify Expo
Kia Sportage at Electrify Expo

Record-Breaking Sales

Kia America recently celebrated its best-ever third quarter, with a whopping 210,341 units sold. To put that into perspective, it’s the third time in the company’s history that they’ve crossed the 210,000-unit mark in a single quarter. Talk about impressive! And it doesn’t stop there. Kia’s sales performance over the first nine months of the year hit an all-time high of 604,674 units. 

The highlight reel continues in September, as Kia posted its best-ever September sales total of 67,264 units. This marked the 14th consecutive month of year-over-year sales growth. The numbers speak for themselves, but let’s break it down further.

Image showcasing Kia Niro EV and charger at Electrify Expo Long Beach
Kia Niro EV and charger at Electrify Expo Long Beach

Electrifying the Road Ahead

One of the most exciting aspects of Kia’s success story is their electrified offerings. Battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) are having a moment, and Kia is riding the wave. In September alone, sales of Kia’s BEVs surged by a jaw-dropping 127 percent compared to the previous year, smashing records set in 2022.

Now, that’s not just a number. It’s a testament to the growing demand for eco-friendly, energy-efficient vehicles. Kia’s commitment to electric vehicles is evident, and the numbers prove it. So, if you’re considering making the switch to electric, Kia has some compelling options.


A Star-Studded Lineup

Kia’s impressive growth isn’t confined to BEVs alone. Ten Kia models posted year-over-year sales increases, including crowd-pleasers like the Niro, Carnival, and the stunning EV6. The lineup also includes Rio, Forte, Seltos, K5, Sorento, Telluride, and Soul – all showing impressive sales growth.

But what’s more, three Kia models – the Carnival, EV6, and K5 – set best-ever September sales records. It’s clear that Kia’s utility vehicles are taking center stage, accounting for a substantial 72 percent of the brand’s overall September sales total.

Image showcasing Kia EV6 with 2023 World Performance Car of the Year at Electrify Expo
Kia EV6 with 2023 World Performance Car of the Year at Electrify Expo

Exciting Initiatives on the Horizon

Beyond just sales figures, Kia America has exciting plans in the pipeline:

  • The all-new 2024 Kia EV9, a three-row SUV EV, is set to hit the market with a starting price of just $54,900. It’s got everything you need for an electrifying ride, from DC fast-charging capability to roomy accommodations and a powerful electric motor.
  • The 2024 Niro Hybrid, available in three distinct powertrains (HEV, PHEV, EV), offers a range of options with prices ranging from $26,840 to $35,240. Versatility at its finest!
  • Kia is taking the stage at the Electrify Expo Miami, showcasing award-winning models like the EV6 and the upcoming EV9. It’s a chance for consumers to get up close and personal with the future of electric driving.
  • Kia’s bold participation in the Rebelle Rally, an all-women off-road challenge, is truly inspiring. Team KiAloha will tackle the rugged terrain in a 2023 Telluride XPro SUV, proving that adventure knows no bounds.

  • man and woman looking at the kia ev9 ev at Electrify Expo San Francisco 2023
  • Photo of a Kia EV9 at Electrify Expo in New York

Kia America’s record-breaking sales, electric vehicle success, and forward-thinking initiatives paint a picture of a brand that’s not just keeping up with the times – it’s leading the charge. As Eric Watson, Vice President of Sales Operations at Kia America, aptly puts it, “Kia is ahead of the curve.” With their world-class models, commitment to electrification, and customer-focused approach, Kia is carving a path to a greener, more exciting future of mobility. So, if you’re in the market for a new ride, why not make it an electrifying one with Kia?


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