Kia Teases Three New EVs Ahead of EV Day
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Kia Teases Three New EVs Ahead of EV Day

Kia EV Day
  • Kia shared three new models sandwiched between the EV6 and EV9. 
  • A new subcompact EV SUV is expected to replace the Kia Soul with an affordable price tag. 
  • Kia’s first-ever EV Day is expected to become an annual festival as the automaker strives to dominate the EV market by 2030. 

Kia Motors EV Day is happening on October 12, and the automaker took to the internet to tease three new models. Most likely, the models are the EV3, EV4, and EV5.

Playing “Guess Who?”

The three models were surrounded by the EV6 and the EV9. Guests visiting the Kia website got to see the silhouettes and headlights. Clearly, Kia is continuing its new trend of equipping its vehicles with sleek and stylish LED headlights in unique shapes.

If the EV numbering system goes from smallest to largest, the silhouettes place the EV sedan (EV4?) next to the EV6, the EV5 in the middle, and the subcompact SUV EV (EV3?) next to the EV9. 

New EV to Replace the Affordable Kia Soul

Back in September, EV watchers got a glimpse of a new Kia EV in South Korea and Europe. The small SUV is expected to be the replacement for the Kia Soul, as it resembles the affordable model in shape and expected price points. On EV day, we’ll all learn whether the “Soul-ish” EV will be the EV3 or EV4. 

The subcompact SUV is expected to have a sticker price of around $30,000. Rumors abound about whether it will be available with the 800-volt charging architecture, or if it will have a 400-volt system like the Kia Niro EV. It should compete with other upcoming EVs like the Tesla Model 2 and Volkswagen ID.2. 

The EV5 Front and Center

Kia has also shared details about the EV5 (the EV in the center of the photo). It will be smaller than the EV6 but will look more like the EV9. Kia has announced the EV5 will be available for sale in China, but the odds are good that it will see North American roads in the future. Experts predict the EV5 could be priced around $40,000 when it reaches North American Kia dealerships. 

Conceptual EV Sedan

Kia has also given a few teasers about a new EV that will replace the popular K5 and outgoing Stinger. The EV sedan resembles the EV6 – with a sloping back side, eye-catching vertical headlights, and modern wheels with a triangle accent. The EV sedan could be the EV4 unless Kia surprises consumers with something more creative. 

The geometric wheels seem to be a new Kia styling feature. The upcoming EV9 is available with striking geometric wheels, one set is black and silver with a futuristic triangle design, and the other is black and silver with four posts and a square design. These are strikingly different from floral wheel designs on the EV6 Wind and the vortex wheel designs on the EV6 GT

Futuristic Plans for Global EV Domination

In 2022, Kia announced it was planning on having a lineup of 14 battery-electric vehicles by 2027. As 2024 approaches, the South Korean automaker will have three EVs in the US – Niro EV, EV6, and EV9. The EV5 could show up as early as 2025, and the two other models in the teaser photo should be coming soon. 

In dedication to achieving the 2027 goal, Kia will make EV Day an annual tradition as the automaker supports its three pillars: people, planet, and profit. By 2030, Kia wants to be the top global EV manufacturer. Kia will hold EV Day in Yeoju, Korea, and it will feature new EVs, concept models, and sustainable mobility technology. 



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