BorgWarner Charges Ahead with a Bold New Logo
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BorgWarner Charges Ahead with a Bold New Logo

  • BorgWarner’s new logo signifies eMobility success, a major milestone in its Charging Forward strategy.
  • On track for 25% EV revenue by 2025, BorgWarner surpasses $2.5B organic EV bookings target.
  • BorgWarner aims for $5.6B eProduct revenue by 2025, surpassing $10B by 2027, committed to electrifying transportation.

Change is in the air for BorgWarner as the company unveils its striking new logo, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards eMobility. The logo is a true embodiment of the company’s transformation, radiating a futuristic appeal that ushers in an exciting new chapter while honoring its rich heritage. This iconic change comes after over three decades, making it a historic moment for BorgWarner.

BorgWarner Powers Ahead: Exceeds $3 Billion EV Bookings Target for 2025 and Makes Striking Acquisitions

In March 2021, BorgWarner announced its groundbreaking Charging Forward strategy, setting ambitious goals that are now turning into realities. The company is steadfast in its commitment to ensure that a minimum of 25% of its revenues come from battery electric vehicles by 2025. Remarkably, their organic EV bookings for 2025 have already surpassed the target of $2.5 billion, reaching a staggering $3 billion. Moreover, BorgWarner is making remarkable strides in EV-focused mergers and acquisitions, with five strategic acquisitions in the battery pack, e-motor, power electronics, and direct current fast charging sectors. The company’s combustion portfolio optimization will also be completed with the anticipated spin-off of PHINIA in the third quarter of this year.

Frédéric Lissalde, the President and Chief Executive Officer of BorgWarner, expressed his enthusiasm about the logo change, stating, “Now is the right time to introduce our new logo. It signifies the tremendous progress our team has made in transforming BorgWarner from a leader in conventional propulsion technologies to a leader in mobility, including eMobility.”

To commemorate this pivotal moment, BorgWarner has unveiled its ambitious plans to leverage the strength of its core products and propel its eProduct (EV and hybrid) revenue to a staggering $5.6 billion by 2025. Looking even further ahead, the company aims to surpass the $10 billion mark in eProduct revenue by 2027, truly solidifying its commitment to the electrification of transportation. This year alone, BorgWarner expects eProduct revenues to reach an impressive range of $2.3 to $2.6 billion.

Striking New Logo, Igniting the Future of Automotive Innovation

BorgWarner sought the expertise of Siegel+Gale, a renowned brand strategy firm, to develop their captivating new corporate logo. This collaboration has resulted in a symbol that encapsulates the company’s bold vision and its dedication to revolutionizing the automotive industry.

For more than 130 years, BorgWarner has been at the forefront of mobility innovation, continuously propelling transformative products into the global market. Today, the company is accelerating the world’s transition to eMobility, actively contributing to the creation of a cleaner, healthier, and safer future for all.

BorgWarner’s new logo is not just a mere visual update, but a powerful statement of their commitment to eMobility. As the company charges forward towards its electrification goals, the logo serves as a bold beacon of their transformation. With a future-focused outlook and an unwavering determination, BorgWarner is paving the way for a new era of mobility that will shape the future of transportation.

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